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  Westlake, Dave
NameDave Westlake
Address408 Oxford Dr
Hartland, Wisconsin , United States
Born Unknown
Last ModifedRBH
Aug 18, 2015 03:02am
InfoThank you for allowing me to introduce myself.

My name is Dave Westlake. I was born and raised in Reeseville and, besides my time in the Army and a few professional ventures, have lived my whole life in this great state. By anyone’s standard, I’m a pretty regular guy. Like you, I work hard each day to provide for my family, am navigating through this recession the best that I can, and I get disgusted when I see the government waste our money and abuse our trust...then hold us accountable for their actions. I have a fair idea of the challenges we face and believe that--like every other challenge we’ve overcome in the past--there’s a common sense solution from among the citizens that is more likely to succeed than anything a big government of “career politicians” can offer.

I don’t pretend to be perfect, nor do I claim to independently have all the answers to everything that ails us. I’ve made numerous mistakes in my life and, conversely, have been blessed with some fantastic victories. I walk away from each instance, however, learning lessons and accepting God’s forgiveness for the times that I’ve failed to live up to His standards...and also learning that no individual ever accomplishes anything truly great without the help of the Almighty. We’re never in the fight to make this world a better place all alone.

So it is in this same spirit--the fight to make this state, this country...this world... a better place--that I present myself to you. I believe that we can once again guide this nation by the principles of hard work, responsibility, leadership, and selfless service for our children--just as our parents and grandparents grew this nation on those principles for us. I believe that the greatest days of our peace and economic prosperity are in front of us...but that is only because we, as citizens, will mobilize to make it so. I believe that the bedrock tenets of liberty, freedom, and a government of the people, by the people, and for the people are as fresh and invigorating today as they were at the birth of this great Republic. Why do I believe these things? Because I believe in the limitless ingenuity of the American spirit. Because I believe in the unlimited power of individual initiative and creativity. Because I believe that every single one of us makes better decisions for ourselves and for our families than a government of “an elite few in a distant city.” I believe in all these things because...

I believe in you. Do you?


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  09/01/2015 WI State Assembly 99 - Special R Primary Lost 33.00% (-7.19%)
  09/14/2010 WI US Senate - R Primary Lost 10.34% (-74.35%)
  05/23/2010 WI US Senate - R Convention Lost 12.44% (-40.20%)
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