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  Deakin, Jim
NameJim Deakin
, Arizona , United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
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Apr 21, 2009 04:26pm
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InfoJim Deakin was born and attended grade school in the Los Angeles California area. During the early 1970’s desegregation was a big deal and he was bussed from a small predominantly immigrant community in Downey CA to another Elementary School. In 1976 his parents decided to relocate from California to a very small town, Vernonia Oregon. While living in Vernonia, JIm's parents purchased a small ranch where they had horses, raised cows, pigs, chickens and goats. Jim learned a lot about responsibility on that ranch, and how others relied on him and how important the little things in life are. Living in Oregon, he loved the Ocean and spent as much time there as he could and at the Oregon State Marine Science Center. Jim loved the Ocean so much that he insisted and assisted his mom to establish a 4H club for Marine Science. Jim's presentation on Humpback Whales even won a blue ribbon at the Oregon State Fair. For reasons unknown to a teenager, his parents decided to sell the ranch and move to Martin Tennessee, in the North West corner of the state. This did not last long as he soon moved back to Southern California, Apple Valley to be near his Grandparents in Victorville. This time of his life was very exciting for a teenage boy. He learned how to drive, and his dad bought him a circa 1970’s yellow Jeep former mail truck, it even had the steering wheel on the wrong side. Jim would drive that truck across the dirt roads in the desert from his house to the school, all of a mile, but it was cool to do it. Jim also started to grow as a young man, started lifting weights, working out, getting stronger. His dad was a huge influence. He would go to the school and work with the football coaches and help Jim in the weight room.

Jim Deakin graduated from Dallas High School, Dallas Oregon in 1983. Jim was still very interested in the Marine Sciences and had intended to attend Oregon State University due to the quality of the program and the Science Center he was so familiar with. However, after taking the SAT, he started to receive grant and scholarship offers from other schools, which really opened the eyes of a 17 year old boy. The world just got much bigger, and the possibilities seemed endless. Jim decided to attend Long Island University, Southampton Campus. The school was listed as number 2 in the world for marine science, and had its own fleet of vessels. This was very exciting. As young men often discover, the fantasy was better than the reality. School was great and all that was promised, but the field of Marine Science was very competitive for very few jobs. Many recent graduates worked as stock clerks and gas station attendants. As a young man, Jim did not know what he wanted to do. When Jim went back to Oregon for the summer, he thought about his life and future. Jim knew that he needed more experience and training. Just before he was to return to school Jim joined the US Navy.

Again big dreams and fantasy of a young man, Jim thought he would be a UDT/Seal. Jim signed up to learn electronics as a Sonar Technician as a trade, but really wanted to learn underwater welding, demolition and be a Navy Seal. As stated, fantasies of a young man, real life reached in again when he could not pass the “Float” test to even get a chance to try out for the UDT/Seal training. It is exactly as it sounds, you get into a swimming pool and float, well his butt sank straight to the bottom of the pool. Jim has no buoyancy. He sat on the bottom of the pool until they sent someone in to tell him to get out. It was his saddest day of boot camp. So on with life he went. Jim finished schooling and was assigned to the brand new ship “Reuben James” FFG-57. For those of you thinking this sounds familiar, this is the same as in the movie the Hunt for Red October. As part of the commissioning crew aboard the new ship, Jim had the honor of being a Plank Owner. When he left the Navy, his name and rank was prominently displayed in the mess hall. Jim has not been on board since his discharge but he assumes it is still there. During his Navy years, he was married and had a beautiful daughter. The new responsibilities and desire to see his family led him to leave the Navy at the end of his service. Anyone can tell you that 6 months at sea is hard on family life, and since Ronald Reagan had ended the cold war the needs of his family seemed to outweigh the needs of the Navy.

Since leaving the Navy, Jim has continued his education and electronics through the fire protection, security and life safety trades. Jim held positions as an electronics technician, supervisor, field operations manager, designer, project manager, sales manager and department head. Working for others was fine, but he wanted more. Jim wanted to be able to help people in his way and he wanted more time for his family. Jim left the fortune 100 company, to start his own small business. Together with his business partner, in 2000 they established Detek Design. Detek Design is a fire and life safety design company. They provide drafting/design services for engineers and design drawings for contractors. After years of hard work, dedication and long hours, Detek Design became a very nice small business with high quality standards, consistent client base, and moderate earnings. In 2001, another friend of Jim's approached him with the idea of starting a service/contracting company specifically aimed at the fire alarm and special hazards protection services. With Detek Design still in its infancy, he started Liberty Fire Protection, Inc. Years later, more hard work, and even longer hours, Liberty has grown into a very successful company dedicated to quality and customer service. In a small business the owners must wear several hats. Being an owner of (2) two small businesses, requires a lot of multi tasking.

Jim Deakin is very happily married with three (3) beautiful daughters. Finding the time to keep up with family activities (he was even a Girl Scout leader), politics and sports are the benefits of being the owner of a small business. Thanks to the quality and dedication of his partners he can again reconsider his future and look to the future of our nation.

Republican is how Jim Deakin has been registered to vote for as long as he can remember. This is because of Ronald Reagan. President Reagan inspired Jim to be a better American, and a better person. To think that the American people are better for themselves than the federal government could ever provide. Americans are more caring and giving than any other nation in the world, even with government taxes, social security, Medicare and other “entitlements” that we all pay for from our payroll tax deductions, we still find more time and money to donate to private charities, churches, homeless shelters, and the thousands of not for profit organizations formed for everything from owls to oceans, whether on our shores or around the world. Americans are an amazing giving and generous people. Our caring led us to rebuild Europe, Japan and many other countries after the great World Wars. Our caring leads us to recognize human rights violations and fight against them. Our charity abroad feeds people all over the world. Our organization, training and caring send our first responders to the many places of disaster, to help recovery and rebuilding after wars, terrorist acts, and natural disasters of all kinds. Our technology in cleaning water supplies is bringing fresh drinking water to areas that have not had clean water for decades. The world does not hate us because we are powerful; the world loves us because we go out of our way to help others with no thought to our own safety or benefit. The people that say America is hated are jealous that their countries do not make the same benevolent efforts that we have been making for more than two centuries. Pay no mind to the rhetoric of “World Leaders” and “Main Stream Media” they speak to the jealousy, not the feelings of the people around the world. Americans have done and will continue to do more for the freedom of the people of the world with no expectations of gratitude, than any other country or people in the history of the world.


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  08/24/2010 AZ US Senate - R Primary Lost 11.69% (-44.57%)