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  Yeager, Dorian
NameDorian Yeager
Rye, New Hampshire , United States
Born 00, 1950 (70 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedChronicler
Oct 25, 2008 03:42pm
Tags Pro-Choice -
InfoAll information provided by the candidate.

Abortion: Pro Choice

Affirmative Action: Does not work.

Campaign finance: No soft money. Ceilings should be set for spending.

Crime: Per case basis. Capital punishment. States' rights.

Defense Spending: Should be supported.

Drug policy: Decriminalization. Should have a positive impact on crime statistics. If addicts do not need to steal to support their habits, it would seem logical that theft and burglary statistics would be lowered. Citizens have a right to their own mistakes as long as they do not encroach upon the rights of others.

Homosexual issues: Live and let live.

Education money: More discretionary at the the state level.

Environment: Moderate. More money devoted to cleaning up existing technologies.

Evolution: No doubt in my mind that there is a lower primate in my family.

Foreign Policy: The US should be support of peace talks, however US troops should be dispatched only under our agreement with the U.N.--unless we are directly threatened as a nation.
Gun control: Registration and criminal checks, though I do not believe there is really anything that will keep dangerous materials from the hands of those tenacious enough to really want them. I have a gun permit, myself.
Health Care: The US must shore up what was initially a bad idea. We are now stuck with it and should adopt some of the mass buying power and dispensation systems utilized currently by Canada.

Moral issues: Morality cannot be legislated. Ethics should be reintroduced to education and family, though I have no idea how that might be done without sticking the government's nose where it does not belong.

Social Security: Goldwater was right, however, we are now stuck with it. An option for self-investment should be offered to citizens. Until the baby boomers are all gone, there is a lot of shoring up to be done toward population equalization. The money in versus money out does not compute, currently.

Tax Policy: Reduction for low and middle income, laissez-faire for the upper income. Tax incentives for funding of higher education. Save the home mortgage interest deduction.
Trade Issues: Tit for tat.

Notes: Dorian Yeager is 50 years old, resides in New Hampshire. Divorced, mother of one, grandmother of two. Formerly an actor, currently a writer and publisher... Mostly interested in real talk, more inclusion, less intrusion.


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