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  Levinson, Michael S.
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<-  2011-01-01  
NameMichael S. Levinson
, Florida , United States
Website [Link]
Born 00, 1942 (80 years)
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Nov 04, 2018 08:10pm
InfoMichael Levinson
Buffalo, New York
Age 54

"I have always believed since I was four years old
I was going to be President of the United States."

A former seaman, poet, author of the analogical Book ov Lev, Michael Levinson traded in the red-and-black hunter jacket and coonskin cap he wore in the 1992 New Hampshire, primary campaign for a brown straw hat, flowered scarf, shirt and tie in 1996. "Anytime you do a good deed, you put a nickel in God's bank. The president has the chance to create millions, and this guy Bill Clinton is a dud," said Levinson. As a write-in candidate in other states, his slogan was: "If you can't be bothered writing my name on the ballot, then you don't deserve to have me."
Platform: He claimed that America's sagging economy could be revived by building 10,000 clipper ships to haul our exports all over the world and "we should let college students work on the ships for tuition." Powered by solar panels and wind, the vessels would save fossil fuels. Staffed by a few merchant marine professionals directing the crew of students, the clipper ships would be escorted by non-nuclear subs to prevent "old-fashioned piracy' "
This was Levinson's fourth campaign for president and he had a carefully-planned strategy, pumping gas for customers at gas stations to make friends and distribute his position papers. Much of his energy in recent years was devoted to attacking television stations that denied him substantial chunks of free air time in 1992 to promote his candidacy. After the Federal Communications Commission refused to act on his complaints, he filed a lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court asking for the FCC to be declared unconstitutional.
In November of 1995 he wrote to the CEO of every major network in the U.S. and to New Hampshire's only statewide commercial television station requesting that he may deliver "a series of major substantive mass-media speeches on behalf of my campaign for party nomination and candidacy for the office of president of United States, 1996." His objective was to win the election by securing free air time then, via the "live unblinking camera, go one-on-one with the citizenry," offering his short and long-term solutions to the country's problems.
He was featured on a CNN news spot in 1996 and mentioned in Time as one of the more colorful fringe candidates. Levinson considered himself "an attractive candidate with meaningful non-partisan solutions to our prob limbs." "Politishinz" and "pallah tics" were his favorite avocations, when he was not promoting the poetic, "prophetic" synopsis of human civilization he presented in his 1971 publication. Once a creative writing instructor 8t the University of Buffalo, he still regarded inspiring young minds to be a major priority.
When Levinson appeared on Kevin Miller's radio talk show on Nashua's , he met an activist who had recently run for local office. Corning off a tough election fight of her own, she knew how it felt to be a political underdog. When Levinson said he needed a home base primary campaign, the former aldermanic candidate offered him her living room couch. Levinson received 43 votes in 1988, 44 in 1992, and 35 in 1996


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