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  Mozena, Steve
NameSteve Mozena
Los Angeles, California , United States
Born Unknown
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Jul 23, 2003 03:22pm
InfoUnitimidated Steve Mozena is Advocacy and Action in motion. He is a Business Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, and Publisher of an online academic publishing firm. Steve Mozena pioneered the electronic college textbook field. He is a journalist by degree and has worked in the field as a newspaper and radio news reporter. Steve Mozena is a perpetual investigative reporter with observations published about the city, the media, and other items of importance to the citizens of Los Angeles on his mayoral website at www.mozena.com.

Entrepreneur and Technology Innovator Steve Mozena is the CEO and Publisher of the ETEXT.net Electronic Textbook Publishing Company, founded by him in 1994. His e-vision for education propelled him to take advantage of the web before it was hip and provide a service for college professors to make more royalties for the original electronic textbooks and students to pay less for them than the conventional hardcover or paperback textbooks. Steve Mozena launched an academic publishing company in the early ‘90s on the Web. See www.etext.net where students can order online custom texts. Earlier in his life, while working as a sports intern at KPTV-12 in Portland, Oregon, Steve Mozena found a creative idea that captured buyers in the Portland area. The Portland Trailblazers’ Blazermania of the 1980s sparked the creative genius. He created the hot selling "Blazer Tails", a three-colored streamer that tied onto car antennas to show silent support for the Blazers. 8000 were sold in one week!

Media Personality Steve Mozena broadcast on the morning radio in the late ‘80s on Phoenix, Arizona’s FM 100 KLZI radio station. He created the persona of "Dr." Steve Mozena, donning the lab coat and scrubs for his public appearances, and mixed music and humor in his commentary while poking mild fun at the medical profession using his past experience selling medical and surgical supplies to doctor offices, nursing homes, at times, Steve Mozena volunteered just to speak with the elderly patients in the nursing homes to help and comfort them, and hospitals in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area from White Memorial Hospital to California Hospital, including bidding on city, state, and federal contracts for medical and surgical supplies.

Mr. Mozena is an Idea Generator and Problem Solver and thinks outside the box. When the City said it did not have enough money to tear down a building in Venice, Steve Mozena suggested a land swap with the Native Americans, granting them the ability to build an Indian Casino on the site. He assisted a homeless man to have a song recorded on a CD and has Universal Music Group ready to sign this man once he gets national exposure or played on major stations. Mr. Mozena’s life lead him to solve his own homelessness by moving into a sorority, working for them, and then writing a script of this true-life adventure entitled "The Candy Store".

Community Activist Steve Mozena became actively involved with his community in 1998 after he successfully had four palm trees trimmed in front of his residence. The merchants of Venice and local residents said the community had tried for more than 10 years to get this accomplished and asked Steve for help. He did. Steve Mozena spoke to the Los Angeles City Council asking them for funding to help beautify Los Angeles’ Venice Beach and Boardwalk. He joked with the Council stating he represented the "Merchants of Venice" as Shakespeare, yet clearly made his point with this humor. Venice Beach would no longer be treated like the city dump, as it is the city’s number one tourist attraction. He arranged almost 100 trees to be trimmed within 90 days as a good faith gesture to have the additional 500 trimmed. Later, Steve Mozena went to the Los Angeles Rec. and Parks Commission meeting and requested grass seed for his community. The Commission said there was no money in the budget. Steve Mozena offered to write a check to pay for the seed if the city promised to plant and take care of the seedlings. They said yes. Steve wrote the check, but the city did not live up to its end of the bargain. So, Mr. Mozena first exhausted all measures to get his money returned, and as a final resort, sued the city in small claims court and won. The LA Times reporter, Bob Poole, wrote an article about the incident. (See www.latimes.com) But this was not the end for Steve’s beautification efforts; he enlisted the homeless to remove graffiti, he had the city post new recreational road signs, remove debris, set up volleyball nets, repair potholes, repair sidewalks, fix fencing around storm drains, fix lampposts, paint swing sets, etc., etc. Meanwhile, Steve Mozena has volunteered in homeless shelters, befriending the men and women of misfortune as well even taking them to music concerts and sporting events.

Actor Steve Mozena is a member of SAG and AFTRA actor unions for nearly 10 years. In order to achieve this dream, Mr. Mozena strategically advertised himself on bus benches located near major Hollywood Studios. Shortly thereafter, a major motion picture was released about an actor doing just that. The thrust of the movie is about an actor who advertises himself on bus bench and goes from "Hollywood’s Least Known to Hollywood’s Most Wanted". The movie is named "Jimmy Hollywood" and was released by Paramount Pictures. The movie stars Joe Pesci and Christian Slater, and is directed by Barry Levinson. Art imitating Life!

Steve Mozena is the youngest of eight children including his twin sister, Kathy, born to European immigrant parents. Steve’s parents are proud of all their children, including four doctors, of course, five when Steve was the DJ "Dr." Steve in Phoenix.

After encountering a variety of difficulties in accomplishing this these successes, Mr. Mozena decided to throw his cap into the ring for mayor of Los Angeles.

Steve believes we need a leader who cares about ALL the people of the city, not just those of Power, Privilege, and Wealth.


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  04/08/2014 Long Beach, CA Mayor - Primary Lost 0.49% (-24.75%)
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  03/06/2007 Carson, CA City Council Lost 1.93% (-23.93%)
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  03/02/2004 Carson, CA Mayor - Special Election Lost 1.52% (-29.21%)
  04/10/2001 Los Angeles Mayor - Primary Lost 0.06% (-30.36%)