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  Heare, Ahmnodt
NameAhmnodt Heare
Vernon, New Jersey 07462, United States
Website [Link]
Born July 11, 1973 (46 years)
Last ModifedMaditude
Dec 14, 2012 02:48pm
Tags Moderate-to-Conservative - Moderate-to-Liberal - Health Care Reform - Pro Marijuana Legalization - Pro- gun - Pro-Choice - Pro-Gay Marriage - Anti-Dentite - Reprimanded - Chaste -
InfoAhmnodt Heare's Platform

Life begins at 40. This is the basis of my abortion platform.

I would have quit smoking, but quitters never win.

War with Iraq is wrong. We should be fighting Canada for allowing William Shattner and Celine Dion to infiltrate our country.

I am for gay marriage. Married people have less sex than single people. That will teach them.

The current tax code is too difficult. My tax code would involve all Americans sending in 100% of their income and having a mega party at Pacific Beach for all Americans.

My "Just say, 'OK, but Just This Once'." drug policy satisfies the curiosity people often have with drugs, yet offers an out before they get addicted.

"War on Poverty" can be solved by making poverty a crime. I would throw all the poor people in jail.

I would immediately cease all wiretapping operations. Video surveillance cameras would only be permitted on the hottest women.

Women have the fundamental right to use the utensils of their choice when cooking my dinner. Nobody shall infringe on a woman's right to use the vacuum cleaner of her choice when cleaning my house.

I would observe Vanna White's birthday as a national holiday, and not just because I am a Vanna White supremacist.

I would repeal all laws that protect stupid people. Lord knows they're not an endangered species.

Seniors should be allowed to eat healthier than Social Security allows. My plan for them would allow them to buy premium dog food at generic dog food prices.

I am for the separation of Church and State. If clergy were to become state employees, that would be yet another union that AFSCME would represent and soak taxpayers by demanding high wages.

My position on global warming after spending time studying it is that it is warmer in the summer than in the winter. Global Warming and any possible nuclear holocaust can be eliminated in one easy step. Aim all our nukes at the sun and fire away!

I would abolish gun laws. I would also ban bullets.

Fundamentals in education is sorely lacking. I would prepare children for the adult world by teaching them how to talk their way out of speeding tickets and how to pass an employment drug screening.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. ahmnodtheare@politician.com

Website [Link]


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