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  Smith, Christopher
<-  2011-01-01  
NameChristopher Smith
Address107 Nottinghill Lane
Hamilton, New Jersey 08619, United States
Website [Link]
Born March 04, 1953 (66 years)
ContributorClassical Liberal
Last ModifedRBH
Oct 10, 2016 06:31pm
Tags Moderate - Moderate-to-Conservative - Anti Alaska/Offshore Oil Drilling - Anti Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Anti-Affirmative Action - Anti-Civil Unions - Anti-Death Penalty - Anti-Gay Marriage - Pro Environment - Pro-Bush Tax Cuts - Pro-Gun control - Pro-Labor - Pro-Life - Pro-Social Security Privatization - Catholic - Straight -
InfoBorn March 4, 1953 in Rahway, NJ.
Trenton State College, B.S. 1975
Roman Catholic.
Married (Marie)

Sales exec., family-owned sporting goods business, 1975-80; Executive Director, NJ Right to Life, 1976-78; Legis. Agent, NJ Senate and Assembly, 1979.

As a Member of the United States House of Representatives from New Jersey, Chris Smith has championed the rights and interests of many � from children forced to toil in sweatshops to women kidnapped and sold into lives of prostitution to unborn children whose very chances to live are threatened. Congressman Chris Smith has dedicated his life to helping the world�s most vulnerable.

Chris Smith has represented the citizens of New Jersey�s Fourth Congressional District since 1981, when he was sworn into office at the age of 27. Throughout his 24 years of service, he has established himself as one of the hardest-working, most compassionate, and dedicated members of the House.

A nationally and internationally renowned leader in Congress, particularly in the areas of veterans' affairs and human rights, Chris Smith is an equally passionate local advocate who tirelessly applies his energy toward meeting local and state challenges.

In 2001, he was elected Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans� Affairs, a panel responsible for the well-being of our nation�s 25 million military veterans. His Committee oversees the $63.8 billion provided to the Department of Veterans Affairs for healthcare and other benefit programs. Right away, Chairman Smith began working to improve the delivery of healthcare and benefits promised to our nation�s veterans, and has delivered with several new laws to significantly expand and enhance veterans' health care and benefits programs.

Chairman Smith's new laws include one providing a record 46 percent increase in the GI Bill which helps veterans pay for college. The increase is the largest ever since the GI Bill went into effect following World War II, helping to build the American middle class.

Chairman Smith wrote the nation's first law that addresses and combats the plague of chronic homelessness among veterans. The Homeless Veterans Comprehensive Assistance Act authorizes $1 billion in programs to help veterans find and retain jobs and provides them with housing, counseling, and medical care they need to rebuild their lives.

Congressman Smith also serves as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on International Relations and as Co-Chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (also known as the United States Helsinki Commission), which works to promote and foster democracy, human rights, and stability in Eastern and Central Europe.

Another significant legislative achievement for Congressman Smith is his landmark Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Law, the nations� first law that deals specifically with human trafficking. It provides government prosecutors with the resources needed to prosecute offenders as well as resources to help victims rebuild their lives. In 2003, President Bush signed into law a second Smith trafficking law, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

Congressman Smith's original trafficking law also reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act, the most significant law to help protect women who are victims of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Like the trafficking component, the VAWA reauthorization works to ensure prosecution of offenders and help the victims recover.

Congressman Smith authored the landmark Embassy Security Act. This law recognized the threat posed by global terrorism years before the September 11 terror attacks and authorized an investment of billions of dollars to better fortify U.S. embassies.

He has also played a key role over the years promoting human rights reforms in the former Soviet Union, Romania, Vietnam, China, the Sudan, Cuba, and elsewhere. He has worked toward a just and lasting peace in Northern Ireland and an end of the discrimination against Catholics. He wrote the provision of the law that barred Northern Ireland Police (formerly the RUC) from training in the United States with U.S. law enforcement personnel until it was certified that the police met stringent human rights standards. That certification was granted in December 2001 by President Bush.

In addition to his work on human rights, veterans, and international relations issues, Congressman Smith is very active in several healthcare issues, serving as Co-Chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Alzheimer�s Task Force, Coalition for Autism Research and Education, and Congressional Spina Bifida Caucus. He also Co-Chairs the bipartisan Congressional Pro Life Caucus.

One of his most notable health laws is Title I of the Children's Health Act which authorized a massive surveillance project in an effort to learn what causes autism. The bill established Centers of Excellence to conduct this vital work. One of the surveillance centers is currently operating in New Jersey.

A resident of Hamilton, Chris and his wife Marie have four children � Melissa, Christopher, Michael, and Elyse.


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  06/09/2020 NJ District 04 - R Primary ???
  11/06/2018 NJ District 04 Won 55.40% (+12.33%)
  06/05/2018 NJ District 04 - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/08/2016 NJ District 04 Won 63.72% (+30.20%)
  06/07/2016 NJ District 4 - R Primary Won 91.98% (+83.95%)
  11/04/2014 NJ - District 04 Won 67.92% (+36.82%)
  11/06/2012 NJ District 4 Won 63.72% (+28.46%)
  06/05/2012 NJ District 04 - R Primary Won 83.64% (+67.28%)
  11/02/2010 NJ - District 04 Won 69.41% (+41.53%)
  06/08/2010 NJ District 4 - R Primary Won 68.83% (+37.65%)
  11/04/2008 NJ - District 04 Won 66.21% (+33.58%)
  06/03/2008 NJ District 04 - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/07/2006 NJ - District 04 Won 65.68% (+32.49%)
  06/06/2006 NJ District 4 - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/02/2004 NJ - District 04 Won 67.00% (+34.72%)
  06/08/2004 NJ - District 04 - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/05/2002 NJ DIstrict 4 Won 66.15% (+34.04%)
  11/07/2000 NJ District 4 Won 63.20% (+28.13%)
  06/03/2000 NJ District 04 - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/03/1998 NJ District 4 Won 62.17% (+27.22%)
  11/05/1996 NJ District 4 Won 63.62% (+29.92%)
  11/08/1994 NJ District 4 Won 67.89% (+37.26%)
  11/03/1992 NJ District 4 Won 61.81% (+26.77%)
  11/06/1990 NJ District 4 Won 62.72% (+28.22%)
  11/08/1988 NJ District 4 Won 65.74% (+32.29%)
  11/04/1986 NJ District 4 Won 61.11% (+22.84%)
  11/06/1984 NJ District 4 Won 61.31% (+22.62%)
  11/02/1982 NJ District 4 Won 52.68% (+6.15%)
  11/04/1980 NJ District 4 Won 56.64% (+16.00%)
  06/03/1980 NJ District 4 - R Primary Won 82.89% (+65.79%)
  11/07/1978 NJ District 4 Lost 36.90% (-24.19%)
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