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  Boman, Scotty
NameScotty Boman
Address4877 Balfour Rd
Detroit, Michigan , United States
Born April 14, 1962 (57 years)
Last ModifedRBH
Jul 11, 2016 12:10am
Tags Caucasian - Libertarian - Anti-Affirmative Action - Isolationist - Pro Marijuana Legalization - Pro- gun - Pro-Bush Tax Cuts - Pro-Smaller Government - Pro-Social Security Privatization -
InfoScotty Boman first became involved with the Republican Party through the Ron Paul campaign. He was elected precinct delegate in 2009. He was re-elected to that post in 2010. He has served as a Republican State Convention delegate in 2009 and 2010. He was an alternate delegate to the 2011 Republican State Convention where he announced the formation of the Committee to Elect Scotty Boman.

However, most of Scotty’s political activity has been with the Libertarian Party. Scotty is proud of his background with this party and is open to any avenue that will further the cause of liberty. He ran for United States Senate as a Libertarian in 2008. He came in a distant third. Boman suspects bias toward major parties, rather than opposition to his agenda, to be the cause of this defeat. Boman suspects the results would be different for a major party candidate with the same views. The validity of this suspicion is an item for this committee to investigate.

Scotty has been a Libertarian candidate in every statewide partisan election since 1994. In 1997, his candidacy for Detroit City Council was endorsed by the Detroit News.

Scotty served as Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Greg Creswell's running mate in 2006. The Creswell-Boman ticket campaigned on behalf of Proposal-2, which sought to eliminate the legalized racial and gender preference practiced by the state of Michigan. Both Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos opposed Proposal-2, which ended up passing by a large margin.

Scotty met and voted for Ron Paul in 1988, when Dr. Paul was the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee. Scotty has been a Ron Paul "R3VOLutionary" longer than some of the best "R3VOLutionaries" have been alive!

Scotty was a grassroots leader of Michigan's Ron Paul for President campaign. He organized one of the largest Meetup groups in the state, and he was very active in the Detroit area promoting Ron Paul's libertarian message of peace, liberty, and prosperity.

Professionally, Scotty has been an educator for 19 years. Currently, he works as a Physics instructor at Wayne County Community College and as an Astronomy instructor at Macomb Community College. Scotty also substitute teaches in a few local school districts.

Scotty received his B.S. from Western Michigan University in 1985, with a double major in Physics and Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics. He earned an M.A. in Physics from Western two years later, and an additional graduate degree from Wayne State University in 1999.

Scotty was born in Detroit where he continues to live today.


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