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  McMaster, Henry
NameHenry McMaster
Columbia, South Carolina , United States
Website [Link]
Born September 07, 1946 (74 years)
ContributorNot in Public Domain
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Oct 16, 2018 02:35pm
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Only one candidate is best qualified to get our State back on the Path to Prosperity.

President Ronald Reagan chose Henry McMaster to be his first U.S. Attorney. Then when South Carolina needed a strong Attorney General, we twice elected Henry McMaster.

Now we need a new Governor to lead our State in difficult times.

Henry McMaster has a proven record of success and dedication to public service rarely seen today. He is a strong conservative who solves problems and gets things done with an energetic style of leadership that brings people together.

A Path to Prosperity

Henry is running for governor because our state needs executive leadership committed and focused on putting South Carolina back on the Path to Prosperity. In officially announcing his campaign for governor in August in 2009, Henry became the first candidate to unveil a detailed economic development plan – called the Path to Prosperity – to put South Carolina back to work.

The Path to Prosperity is an energetic and optimistic strategic plan of action that will build on South Carolina’s existing assets to launch a new era of prosperity and growth.

Conservative Values

Strong conservative values of freedom, opportunity and safety have guided Henry’s service to his state and nation. Firmly pro-life, Henry received the very first candidate endorsement from the SC Citizens for Life and was named “Defender of the Family” by the Palmetto Family Council for leading the constitutional campaign to protect traditional marriage.

When the ACLU and other radical groups attacked public prayer and expressions of faith, it was Henry who stood tall for our values and constitutional freedoms fighting their efforts all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Henry has recovered hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars lost to fraud and abuse and has gone to court to prevent the misuse of millions more. For his leadership, the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers recognized Henry as a “Friend of the Taxpayer”. Henry has also proudly signed the “No New Tax Pledge” vowing to veto any tax increases.

Working closely with the NRA, Henry has staunchly defended the Second Amendment from encroachment on the local, state and federal level. Thanks to Henry’s efforts, our state’s conceal and carry permit holders ability to protect themselves and their families has remained un-infringed at home, at work or while traveling in other states.

Successful Leadership

When Carolina Investors-Home Gold, Inc. collapsed in 2003 – the largest white collar criminal case in state history – 12,000 investors had lost over $278 million dollars, many their entire life savings. Henry immediately launched a criminal investigation and successfully prosecuted, indicted and won convictions on all six financial investment executives responsible

To combat the growing problem of Internet child predators, Henry got tough new criminal laws passed in the General Assembly. With these new laws, Henry created a successful statewide task force to target and arrest these predators before they could harm our children. Made up of over fifty local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the task force has arrested 188 predators to date and has convicted over 100 with the rest awaiting trial.

Identifying domestic violence as South Carolina’s number one crime problem, Henry initiated an aggressive campaign to recruit volunteer attorneys to help prosecute domestic violence cases in magistrate courts around the state where no prosecutor was available. The volunteers have handled 3,167 cases and increased the conviction rate from 30% to 68%.

When North Carolina began to divert water from rivers that flow into South Carolina, Henry moved swiftly to stop them, noting that North Carolina’s action could have a devastating impact on South Carolina’s economy. In a precedent setting case, the attorney general is now fighting to protect our water supply in the United States Supreme Court.

Recently, Henry organized and led a bi-partisan group of state attorneys general challenging President Obama’s health care legislation. The “Cornhusker Kickback” backroom deal for Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson’s vote would have forced taxpayers in South Carolina and every other state to pay for Nebraska’s increased Medicaid costs in addition to their own.

Henry was the first U.S. Attorney in the nation to be appointed by President Ronald Reagan and under his direction “OPERATION JACKPOT” was the first investigation into international drug smuggling operations within the United States to use the financial team approach. Over 100 drug kingpins were convicted of importing almost one billion dollars worth of drugs, and over one million dollars of the assets seized were channeled to SLED and the Crimestoppers organizations in South Carolina.

Henry McMaster

As chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, Henry helped successfully elect hundreds of Republicans to federal, state and local office. Henry’s leadership was instrumental in electing Republican majorities to the state House and state Senate for the first time since Reconstruction.

Henry has served as chairman and a member of the board of directors of the South Carolina Policy Council and was appointed by Governor Carroll Campbell to serve on the state Commission on Higher Education.

He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and the University of South Carolina School of Law, where he served on the Editorial Board of the South Carolina Law Review.

Born in Columbia to John Gregg and Ida Dargan McMaster, Henry has five brothers, all living in Columbia. He is married to Peggy Jean McAbee of Spartanburg and they have two children, Henry, Jr. and Mary Rogers. They are members of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia.


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