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  Zeese, Kevin
NameKevin Zeese
, Maryland , United States
Website [Link]
Born October 26, 1955
DiedSeptember 06, 2020 (64 years)
ContributorU Ole Polecat
Last ModifedE Pluribus Unum
Sep 06, 2020 03:01pm
InfoFor more than 25 years, Kevin Zeese has been advocate for a wide array of social and economic justice issues. He has helped develop more than a dozen advocacy organizations, brought people together to work in coalitions and built movements. Zeese is Director, of DemocracyRising.US, an organization working to responsibly end the Iraq War and Occupation. He was a founding member of the Montgomery County Coalition for Alternatives to War in Maryland. He is a founder and director of TrueVoteMD - one of the nation's leading citizen groups working to end paperless electronic voting. He serves as President of Vote Trust USA, a coalition of state and local groups working to end paperless computer voting. As President of Common Sense for Drug Policy, he is nationally recognized as a leader of the effort to end the war on drugs and put in place a public health approach to drug control. Zeese was also a founding member of the Treatment Not Incarceration Coalition in Maryland. Zeese has worked on local, state and national political campaigns including serving as Ralph Nader's Press Secretary in 2004. He appears regularly on national television as a commentator on a variety of issues and has been published widely in newspaper and e-news media outlets.

Zeese registered with the Maryland Green Party. A founding member of the Populist Party of Maryland as well as a member of Libertarian Party of Maryland. He believes that the United States needs to return being a government 'of, by and for the people' but that the two major political parties have become corrupted by Big Business and wealthy donor contributions and no longer put the needs of the people first.


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