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  Smith, L. Neil
NameL. Neil Smith
Fort Collins, Colorado , United States
Website [Link]
Born May 12, 1946 (71 years)
Last ModifedRBH
Jun 24, 2015 08:56pm
Tags Libertarian - Married - NRA -
InfoL. Neil Smith, a published science fiction novelist with a libertarian ideological bent, was initially the subject of a supposed draft campaign in 2000. Calling themselves the "Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith," they tried to generate support to "convince" Smith to run. Although the organizers initially wanted Smith to seek the Liberarian Party nomination, a cranky Smith first said he would rather run as an Independent. Although a LP member, Smith said he would not likely seek the LP nod because "the clique that owns the party would still find an excuse to reject my candidacy." Instead, Smith told the draft organizers he would run for President as an Independent if they first collect 1,000,000 signatures of voters urging him to run. Later, Smith issued a new statement clarifying that he would agree to run as the LP nominee if his supporters could secure him the 2000 nomination. Smith also sent this message for the Draft Committee: "For now, if you wish to help, buy my books ." That -- and numerous other similar comments and posting -- made it clear that Smith was directly involved in the efforts of the so-called "draft" campaign and was actively seeking the LP nomination. As was long expected, Smith finally abandoned the facade of the "draft" effort and made an official declared run for the 2000 LP nomination. Much to his surprise, frontrunner Harry Browne slaughtered Smith in the California primary by a 71% to 9% vote -- causing Smith to suspend his nascent campaign. Members of the renegade Arizona Libertarian Party -- who had long been feuding with the national LP leadership -- refused to recognize Browne as their nominee and instead gave their general election ballot line to a ticket of Smith and newspaper columnist Vin Suprynowicz of Nevada as the VP runningmate. Well, the same "Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith" (linked above) is back again for the 2004 race ... Smith even provides a link to their site from his personal site ... so expect the same show again. Smith has written articles in his online newsletter saying that if he wins the LP nomination, he'd run an Internet-based campaign for President. "What I'd do, for the most part, is what I do right now: read my e-mail and answer it. I would acquire a bigger, faster desktop PC than I have now, and hook it up to some sort of broadband access to the net. I participate in two or three mail lists now, and I would expand that," he wrote. Smith also explained that he would not travel much as a candidate, believing that it wastes financial resources and is simply inconsequential for a third party candidate.


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Importance? 6.50000 Average


  11/07/2000 US President - Popular Vote Lost 0.01% (-48.38%)
  07/25/2000 US President - AZ LBT Convention Won 61.54% (+38.46%)
  07/03/2000 US President - LBT Convention Lost 0.57% (-55.58%)
  05/09/2000 US President - LBT Primaries Lost 7.37% (-62.99%)
US President - LBT Convention - May 25, 2008 LBT Mary J. Ruwart
US President - LBT Primaries - May 11, 2004 LBT Michael Badnarik