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  Now Is the Time: A New Populist Call to Action
TitleNow Is the Time: A New Populist Call to Action
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Last ModifiedCraverguy - November 13, 2012 12:55pm
DescriptionFor some people, says Senator Fred Harris, "It has become fashionable once again to accept, as virtually God-ordained and inevitable, patriotic wars, higher unemployment as the cost of stable prices, poverty as the natural state of some men, and an America of two separate, unequal societies."

For others, he reports, the nation seems lost: "In traveling around the country before the 1970 elections I found over and over again that too many of our people really doubt whether much is going to be done about things that are terribly wrong. Many even doubt that much can be done."

Senator Harris excepts neither judgment. He says that "If we will but listen, we will find that all over America, people of the most disparate backgrounds — the young college student, the militant black, the suburban housewife — are saying the same things: we want to live in a society which believes in something, in which there are some obvious values and ideals; and we are tired of having so little power in helping make decisions."

Fred Harris believes there is a progressive majority in America. He calls it a "new populist coalition," he thinks that its principal instrument of political action can be a truly democratized Democratic Party, and he believes that this new people's party can help to enact a visionary agenda for America: better distribution of income; justice for black people, Chicanos, American Indians, women — and for white workers who pay an unfair share of social costs; peace, and a reversal of militaristic trends; confrontation and restraint of the powerful interests which profit by polluting the earth; and fundamental reform of government to make it responsive to the people's will.

Fred Harris believes that "We can put America back together again."

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