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  Racism, Revolution, Reaction 1861-1877: The Rise and Fall of Radical Reconstruction
TitleRacism, Revolution, Reaction 1861-1877: The Rise and Fall of Radical Reconstruction
ASIN0873488210 - Purchase This Book
CategorySocial Sciences
ContributorGerald Farinas
Last ModifiedGerald Farinas - January 05, 2004 08:27pm
DescriptionMartin Boyers writes, "The U.S. Civil War was not a 'War Between the States.' It was a revolutionary war that replaced the rule of the plantation-based slaveowners with that of the rising capitalist class. But these capitalists could only overthrow the slaveowners by allying themselves with small farmers and, most importantly, with the slaves themselves. Camejo tells the story of the struggles of these freed slaves. They were the key factor in the Union's victory, and continued their fight for freedom in its aftermath. The initial post-slavery governments in the South reflected the revolutionary power of the freed people. They saw some of the broadest democratic reforms in American history in education, civil liberties, and many other fields. But the ruling northern capitalists turned back the freed slaves? struggles for a genuine land reform and for armed self-defense. The Republican establishment set the ground for a new and bizarre form of white supremacy: the vile Jim Crow system, which kept the descendents of slaves in a form of legal inequality for three quarters of a century. This book is an irreplaceable guide to this crucial period of U.S. history."

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