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  "Healer" Web Only Ad
Race06/14/2016 - NV US Senate - R Primary
Run Date(s)2015-07-06
Run Time00:03:01
CategoryWeb Only Ad
Ad ToneBiography
For CandidateJoe Heck
Last EditedRP  Jul 18, 2015 12:24pm
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DescriptionI come from an immigrant family.

My mom’s parents came to America for a new life… and better opportunity.

They sailed under the torch of the Statue of Liberty, which lit the way to their American Dream.

We lived in a one-room basement apartment. My dad worked as a grocery clerk, and worked his way up to a regional manager.

I learned from an early age the value of working hard, serving others, and never giving up…even when times were tough.

My father was shot in a hold-up and injured on the job. He spent three long years recovering. We got by with the help of family…neighbors… the union… and social services.

I got a part time job to help bring some money into the home… a home that we almost lost to foreclosure because we couldn’t afford it anymore.

My parents encouraged me to study hard and excel at school and I was the first in my family to go to college. I know the value of a good education and that’s why I’ll strengthen our K-12 system… and make college more affordable and accessible for our families.

I’ve served as a community volunteer, physician, Army Reservist, and was called to active duty three times, including a deployment to Iraq, where I ran the emergency services section of a combat support hospital treating battlefield trauma cases.

My story is like many in Nevada.

I know the importance of having a job, because my father was out of work. That’s why I’ve worked to create jobs by cutting big government and streamlining work-force training programs.

I know what it’s like to suffer the stress of losing a home because we almost lost ours. That’s why I’ve helped many families threatened by foreclosure.

I know the pain families feel when a loved one is sick, because I’m a physician. When my father needed emergency surgery, Medicare covered him. That’s why I’ll protect Medicare and Social Security and preserve it for future generations.

I know the horrors of war, because I’m a soldier. That’s why I want to keep America strong so the fight over there… doesn’t come over here.

I understand the sacrifices of our veterans – and their families – and that’s why I fight hard every day for our veterans.

I know how to identify a problem and provide a solution, because I started and operated a small business. That’s a lesson Washington should learn.

As a husband… and father, I want my family --- and every Nevada family --- to live in peace, prosperity… and security.

Like my immigrant grandparents coming to America, most Nevadans came here for a new start, a better life, and more opportunity.

We turned the desert into a place of new beginnings.

I see a Nevada of unlimited opportunity… a place with better jobs, higher wages… and the chance to rise as far as the path will take us.

And that’s why I’m running for the United States Senate.

I’ve seen suffering in my family and in our Nevada families. That’s why I’ve devoted my life to healing the hurt, mending broken lives, and fixing problems.

I’m a healer. That’s who I am…
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