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I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
June 09, 2013 07:48pm
How was DylanSH99 ever a troll? He always just seemed enthusiastic to me.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
June 03, 2013 08:34am
Christie is trying to look bipartisan either for Governor or the Presidency. I think he will appoint someone similar to Lautenberg and say the people voted him in in 2008 and he has to enforce the will of the people and other schmaltzy stuff. Christie is a true political animal.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
March 22, 2013 12:14pm
Sorry Kevin.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
March 13, 2013 12:43pm
Gaear Grimsrud: On this subject, why do so many people on the left wear offense as if it's some sort of badge of honor? To admit offense is to admit weakness, from a logical perspective, and it baffles me why anyone would do it.

I've never heard of anyone on the left wearing it as a badge of honor. My guess it is to differentiate themselves from the right they stereotype as evil greedy people. Being offended shows you can put yourself in someone else's shoes and shows you care.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
February 21, 2013 11:11pm
Felix compreh ban-yos.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
May 12, 2012 12:14am
Not that it matters at all, but fewer psychics believe Romney will win than Obama.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
January 26, 2012 09:18pm
We will staaa-AA-aand with Go-ver-nor Walk-er
He's a baa-aad @$$ MOTHERF*CKER

-Glen Schulfer

That wasn't that good but his earnestness makes me not hate it. It sounds like it's about to break into Bryan Adam's "Heaven" at one point.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
January 18, 2012 08:00pm
Are you really the guy running in Pennsylvania's 5th [Link] ? It's hard to tell because anyone can make up any persona.

Are you the same Jeremy Siple from this IMDB page [Link] ? If so I can add your information to your campaign profile.

Not to belittle you but do you actually plan on winning?

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
January 02, 2012 08:01pm
As far as "Savage" goes, if you listen to his show, he has some issues with his father and his father seemed to have some anger issues. That's probably why he said that part about fathers not disciplining their children. (Gingrich, Rove, and W. Bush had father issues too.)

Seriously, every hipster douchebag claims they have Aspergers. I don't even know why they want to.

As far as hipsters (an amorphous term) go they admire people with colorful lives that did something great. Hunter Thompson was pretty wacky and they seem to me just jealous or empty that they haven't really gotten the chance to change anything. They're not different enough nor talented enough to really be one of those greats they admire and they fill it up with trying to be hip and on the edge of society. It makes me a little sad or I'm just reading it wrong. Having Asperger's gives them a tinge of the madness of artistic people who actually had serious problems and created something with it.

MadViking: I tend to deal with Asperger's the most and even if I wasn't told in advance I could easily pick up on it.

Asperger's for me is hard to tell when someone has it unless someone has told me or the group I'm in at the time that they have it. Otherwise they look normally shy. Another problem I have with the diagnostic criteria is that it can be so easily placed upon someone as its left up to professionals who are the only ones who can properly diagnose it. How does the person diagnosed even know they have it? If it can be faked outside it can be faked with a professional.

MadViking: In my experience most true Asperger's kids are not proud of it and don't brag about it. That wouldn't fit with the nature of the disablility.

Yeah, I could see that. They don't like being in social situations.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
December 27, 2011 04:19pm
I'm guessing he supported Murray Sabrin, a Jewish man, because of his support for cutting off all aid to other countries, including Israel. Otherwise, I don't see how he could endorse him at all.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
November 24, 2011 04:55pm
Some say...: I think a large penis representing Karma would be spot on!

How about a giant ass?

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
November 24, 2011 10:42am
Jason: We all mistakes, and try to learn from them. No need to pout.

Was this intentional or were you just joking?

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
November 23, 2011 09:45am
Good for her. Diversify that party.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
October 23, 2011 11:34pm
Having your parents name you is fascism.

I:8417Incurious Mongrul ( 0.00 points)
October 20, 2011 01:02pm
Who could forget Ryan O'Neal's breathtaking scene from the movie:


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