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D:7918Labour Dem ( 179.10 points)
April 21, 2014 08:13am
I think polarization makes it less likely, both parties have about a 47-48% base vote nationwide and most of that is quite solid. Before 2000, a split decision between the popular vote and the electoral college had not occurred in over 100 years, so even in less polarized times, it didn't happen much.

MFL:8957Juan Croniqueur ( 0.00 points)
September 20, 2013 09:14am
This is incredibly unprofessional.

Un:352Ralphie ( 12176.88 points)
August 24, 2013 01:12pm
End state assistance for everybody but criminals and addicts.

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
May 31, 2013 02:08pm
Color me surprised. Didn't think Kerry had the cojones to defend our use of drones.

D:6086Jason ( 7718.44 points)
May 02, 2013 07:40pm
Markey is the underdog here. Always was. If Gomez somehow blows the race then it will be a huge coup for the Dems. Republicans are at this point pseudo-incumbents.

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
April 07, 2013 04:20pm
This is kinda what I meant to imply regarding the vibe about something to happen soon.

D:2109Andy ( 4160.64 points)
April 04, 2013 05:55pm
Let's put it to a vote.

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
March 29, 2013 11:58pm
How you guys have three of the 7 justices on the court boggles the mind given recent electoral performance.

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
March 02, 2013 04:57pm
Well this will certainly get the DK types' panties all in a bunch!

R:7206Hikikomori Blitzkrieg! ( 290.26 points)
December 19, 2012 11:55am
Shark Destructo (CNN correspondent, Israeli affairs expert, Yad Vashem historican, GLBT advocate, IDF veteran, and military analyst) reports from Newtown, Connecticut.

December 19, 2012

I arrived in Newtown by way of a private chartered flight when I heard that children had yet again been murdered by the combined forces of anti-Semitism, Republican racism, white privilege, gun ownership, homophobia, and simple goyische ignorance.

Mind you, I am no stranger to violence. I served in Iraq for five hours as an adjutant to Paula Broadwell during a layover in Baghdad en route to Amman, Jordan. For my willingness to risk life, limb, and sanity for the American people and freedom, I was awarded 700 medals, including the Platinum Cock With Oak Leaf Testicles, the Order of Barney Frank, the Anti-Bullying Medal, and a Presidential citation for excellence in military sport recreation (I excelled at felching, which along with writing My Little Pony fan fiction and knitting, has become one of the officially endorsed sporting activities of the United States military).

Arriving in Newtown, I noticed with great displeasure that former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had already preceded me and was speaking to local media about the significance of the events. I bulled my way past these local reporters using my CNN credential pass and asked Mr. Romney for a few on-the-record comments about the events that had transpired. I also wanted him to take responsibility for the shootings, as Mr. Romney's party is a party that (along with supporting white privilege) supports the murder of children with guns. Romney's comments were as follows:

"Look, soy-tits, this whole ****ing circus here is horse**** - having to dodge bullets and face danger is good for kids. Hell, they need it. I owe my own success to this kind of natural selection. You probably don't know this, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints owns a number of planets - we were working on space travel and terraforming while you ****ers were busy working on helping macacas make model volcanoes out of play-doh, or whatever the **** you do. Anyway, the Mormon planet that is used for early childhood education is known as Infernus 898765454 - and its a massive desert where average temperatures reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and the only liquid matter present is an enormous lake of concentrated acid that is located near the northern pole. Now it would be one thing if the place wasn't populated, but the indigenous species there are real mother****ers. They're self-aware robots that also have organic parts - their arms, for example, are electric eels, and their heads are those of silver-backed gorillas. Instead of eyeballs, they have magic 8-balls plunked in their sockets, and the only message that ever appears on the floating triangle is, 'Pray for Death, Faggot'. Basically, when you turn 8 years old, the Mormon Church sends you to serve the Infernians, and only 1 out of a million survive.

Most Mormon children are immediately seized by these monsters and pressed into service in the Infernus Youth Choir - but you see, the Infernian definition of ''choir'' is different than ours, ok? The Infernians find the sound that an eyeball makes when it is punctured by staples to be highly stimulating - so their youth choir consists of hundreds of thousands of kids having their eyeballs popped in some kind of musical unison. Those that avoid being forced into the choir are forced to toil in salt mines or offered jobs as courtesans. I lucked out because I know a lot of funny jokes about Blacks, and some nifty card tricks, so I became the one in a million out of the class of 1958. I'm not any barstool Barsoomian, you see, son - I'm a bona fide Space Lord. Heil Hitler!"

Mr. Romney's white privileged comments might be easily dismissed as the personal opinions of an individual warped by the heteronormative, white male values which pollute the upper classes, but they are tragically all to common in the Republican Party of today.

D:1989RBH ( 1271.25 points)
December 13, 2012 04:18pm
so anyways, not having an office title also means that if all the races with general election are bulk moved to WTS sometime in the future, the problem here is minimized.

Another example of not setting an office would be here: [Link] (where the Dem candidate won a special election for another office in October and won't be taking this office)

D:2109Andy ( 4160.64 points)
October 30, 2012 04:54am
Oh, god, my first time was with Rick Santorum. I didn't need to be reminded of that.

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
October 29, 2012 03:30pm
Patrick: Obama, comfortably, despite my secret desire that he not win.

Talk about a bunch of bs from one the biggest bs posters on OC.

D:6454Mr. Matt ( 1608.79 points)
October 20, 2012 07:18am
In situations like this, one must remember the hit craze of 1998:

(originally created by me for use on a game show forum hence the Pyramid shot)

DL:1025Some say... ( 6043.15 points)
October 16, 2012 07:25am
Wow, I found a country that you can be more erratic in conducting polls than in the US. I need to set up shop there.

D:7CA Pol Junkie ( 2702.24 points)
October 15, 2012 01:23am
J.R.: And the Town Hall debate is always the dumbest.

Actually, I've found alot of the town hall questions to be better than the ones prepared by moderators.

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
October 13, 2012 06:27pm
Andy: If I'm in favor of any form of affirmative action, it's along class-based lines. I tend to be of the mind that we're ultimately divided amongst classes more than we are amongst races or creeds.

I agree with the class-based remedy, AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT BECOME AN ENTITLEMENT.

R:1153J.R. ( 744.68 points)
September 27, 2012 03:54pm
Mr. Matt: I really wish Christine O'Donnell ran here. That way, with the 2014 race, she'd be the only person with the distinction of getting creamed in five straight Senate races in a row.


DL:1025Some say... ( 6043.15 points)
September 17, 2012 06:48am
You can't make up some of this sh*t sometime!

D:1774Hail to the Rookies ( 89.01 points)
August 04, 2012 10:58am
Zeus the Moose: Barr has apparently committed to organizing a PFP presence in Hawaii

In the future, could you refrain from using the words "Barr" (in this context) and "Hawaii" in the same sentence?

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
July 23, 2012 11:03am
Not sure I remember this guy.

D:6454Mr. Matt ( 1608.79 points)
x3 x2
July 12, 2012 07:06pm
I'm disappointed in you, Scott. Warren's celebrating her 32nd anniversary and nothing?

D:479Brandon ( 1558.38 points)
July 11, 2012 09:18am
Graham blames the "complicated" tax system for the ease at which people can move their money around.

So in one fell swoop, he completely undermined the right's entire ideological orthodoxy with respect to the tax code?

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
x2 x2
July 08, 2012 06:07pm
Let's have fun and name all the future categories Democrats will use!

Obese Americans
Americans with no ID's
Americans with 2% or less Cherokee.

D:5Steve ( 56.31 points)
December 27, 2010 06:01pm
"This job makes twice as much as an entry level position."

41k? They are starting out at 30ish now.

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