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Screen NameRalphie   
LocationWest Pasco, WA,
BirthdayAugust 03, 1982
First LoginJune 26, 2003 12:07pm
Last LoginApril 19, 2014 09:45pm
Predictions Points: 12176.8838
Predictions: 8277/9369 (88.34%)
Points Per: 12176.8838/9369 (1.30)
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Un:352Ralphie ( 12176.88 points)
May 16, 2012 09:59pm
I just did that to give Bob a straight.

Un:352Ralphie ( 12176.88 points)
January 18, 2010 10:50pm
He could easily outlast Gardner at this rate. But, of course, a very happy birthday Rosellini like a rose.

Un:352Ralphie ( 12176.88 points)
July 21, 2008 10:43am
Yeah, I love the Liberal Democrats under Clegg. They probably match me better than the Tories now but I'd probably still vote Conservative since a national LibDem administration is still a pipe dream.

Should the Tories only achieve a minority government I'd expect a coalition would work out pretty well.

Un:352Ralphie ( 12176.88 points)
August 09, 2007 03:22pm
It's pretty unlikely. In Idaho you have tons of nameless Republicans in lower levels of government who all run for an open seat but few (if any) carry enough weight by themselves to launch a successful primary challenge against a more well-known incumbent. The only guy I think might be able to win against him head-to-head is Robert Vasquez and he wouldn't be any better.

Un:352Ralphie ( 12176.88 points)
February 22, 2005 06:21pm
Reed Davis is a dork, I learned that easily enough during his Senate run when he thought he was George's equal and demanded equal attention from the state party...before barely beating out an evangelical cop from the Tri-Cities for second place. He's right in the regard that the GOP probably shouldn't be licking their chops as much as they are about Dean, but to put the majority in both houses of Congress in danger before 2008? Give me a break.

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