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J:1802Dr. Cynic ( 378.32 points)
August 15, 2011 12:06pm
Finally able to log in again!!!!!!

J:1802Dr. Cynic ( 378.32 points)
June 21, 2011 10:07pm
This plan is nonsense...

One proposal that many suburban school boards fear and many taxpayers relish calls for voter approval of proposed district budgets when tax increases exceed inflation. If this were in effect now, more than 80 percent of the districts in Philadelphia's suburbs probably would have to vote.

Ok, but what good will that do for Pittsburgh Public Schools, which already face severe issues?

Give school boards, for the first time, a free hand to lay off teachers to cut costs, with the decider in the furloughs being classroom performance, not seniority.

The school I graduated from, Ringgold, does not pay school board members and the members were\are often at each other's throats in deadlock. They are more dysfunctional than any teacher's union, and Ringgold had among the lowest teacher's pay in the state when they went on strike my junior year.

Create vouchers providing state funding so low-income children in struggling schools could transfer to private ones. The role of charter schools would also be expanded.

I refer back to my days in Ringgold. What private school, where?!... The only private school that I was ever aware of was the Madonna Catholic School, which was exclusive for catholics. All well and good for them. But what about protestant or secular students who would now have to privately travel further out of the way. Diddly poo that school voucher did for that low income family now.

Corbett also is calling for a school employee wage freeze, teacher merit pay, and a new tenure system.

By all means, lets make a struggling area struggle further. Low income schools with teachers that only make around $30,000 a year now have got their wages frozen. That certainly helps them get by.

These come as the governor, facing a $4 billion-plus spending gap, seeks accord by July 1 on a new state budget. Corbett said he wanted to cut the state's main subsidy to school districts by more than 10 percent. Gov. Ed Rendell increased the grants every year he was in office.

There's plenty of other things you could cut, Tom... How about cutting out that frivolous lawsuit you (And several other states) filed against the President over the birth certificate nonsense? Certainly that could save a few million right there. How about we cut your pay as well as the pay of the state lawmakers, who get to choose their own fat salary... How about those new comfy chairs everyone got for their offices? I paid for some of that, do I get to sit my fat ass in them?

Of all things you cut, you cut from the future of the state... Frankly... These kids need it... I know their parents.

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