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   from Monsieur
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R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
April 11, 2014 08:33pm
The drop off is growing!

D:411Picimpalious ( 1229.68 points)
September 03, 2013 12:44am

R:549kal ( -57.23 points)
August 10, 2013 04:02pm
With that said, I do not think this will bring in as much business as the legislature thinks it will.

If the Administration keeps companies from moving states like he has before, you would be correct. But if market forces are actually allowed to run it's course, without political interference, I suspect the states income will increase.

R:549kal ( -57.23 points)
August 10, 2013 04:00pm
Not to mention the fact that those with very low incomes will not benefit at all from a cut in income tax rates and will suffer due to the near certain slash in social services that will come because these reforms are removing $2.4 billion from state coffers in the short term.

Now hold on one minute...

Those of us who have been posting articles about the negative consequences of Obama care have repeatedly been told...YOU CAN'T JUDGE IT UNTIL IT'S IMPLEMENTED.

I'm going to hold you to the same standard.

R:1153J.R. ( 744.68 points)
July 19, 2013 01:19pm
How do you know who these people are?

R:1490Imperator ( 2248.36 points)
July 10, 2013 03:58am
A 21-year-old charged with public intoxication?!?! Holy ****!

MFL:8957Juan Croniqueur ( 0.00 points)
July 09, 2013 07:44pm
What does "American" even mean in this context?

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
June 19, 2013 08:35am
Well of course they will decide to bring them back.

They are part of the productive class. The economy would go into a tailspin without them.

D:1658Homegrown Democrat ( 758.37 points)
June 16, 2013 11:24am

R:549kal ( -57.23 points)
x3 x4
June 12, 2013 02:23pm
When the NSA is monitoring and recording everything electronic, I'm not sure what I believe anymore.


D:917NYDem Junior ( 1973.31 points)
May 28, 2013 06:53am
Is he going to retire?

R:250Mr. Politics ( 191.53 points)
May 23, 2013 04:51pm
Yet another special election that PPP won't poll.

D:411Picimpalious ( 1229.68 points)
April 09, 2013 11:29pm
This chick fell victim to a Nigerian prince scam. She's not savvy enough about the modern world to be a representative. Get someone under 50.

R:801400 ( 26.68 points)
April 01, 2013 11:06pm
The left's anger toward Rob Portman is hilarious.

D:1658Homegrown Democrat ( 758.37 points)
March 28, 2013 02:39pm
Easter stuff. That means I'll probably be watching my DVD of Bach's St. Matthew Passion while on a sugar high.

R:1153J.R. ( 744.68 points)
March 22, 2013 09:54pm
This race cracks me up every time I come across it.

LBT:6309Silver Dime ( 94.87 points)
December 26, 2012 09:28pm
Markey winning this primary? After nominating Coakley and failing, I don't think Mass. Dems are that dumb.

AM:7114Conservative for America. ( 76.14 points)
December 26, 2012 05:04pm
Ben Cayetano would have a decent shot if Hanbusa wasn't the certain pick.

I:8282BobbyG ( 0.00 points)
December 25, 2012 09:23pm
Is it me or would anybody else find it very, very funny if Charlie Cook did one of his usual political lectures, but did it while standing in a tank of urine?

LBT:6309Silver Dime ( 94.87 points)
December 24, 2012 10:48pm
Personally, I hate the thought of Kerry being SOS. But being a longtime Bay Stater, I completely invite it so he finally leaves his post.

USMJP:8533USMJP ( 0.00 points)
December 21, 2012 12:40pm

E-mail below is regarding
Emily Peyton's ongoing lawsuit against
Burlington Free Press, WCAX and WPTZ;
and Cris Ericson's campaign finance statement.

Cris Ericson received 2% of the vote
for U.S. Senate 2012 and also 1.9% of the vote
for Governor of Vermont 2012.

From: usmjp@aceweb.com [usmjp@aceweb.com]
Sent: 12/20/2012 9:41:21 AM
To: jim.condos@sec.state.vt.us [jim.condos@sec.state.vt.us];
kscheele@sec.state.vt.us [kscheele@sec.state.vt.us];
will.senning@sec.state.vt.us [will.senning@sec.state.vt.us]
Cc: GovernorVT@state.vt.us [GovernorVT@state.vt.us]
Subject: Filing Statement: Less than $500. spent on campaign

To: Vermont Secretary of State
Elections Division:
Jim Condos;
Kathy Scheele;
Will Senning

Good Morning:
I did not receive any final forms in the mail
after the election,
but I think it is time to electronically file
this by e-mail,
my Filing Statement:

I did not spend over $500. for my campaign
for Governor of Vermont 2012.

I was invited to two television debates,
the one on CCTV in Burlington, all candidates
except for myself and Emily Peyton
refused to show up
in person and participate.

The other was a debate on
VPT and all candidates were there including me.

I was not invited to any other debates for

Each debate cost about $20. round trip in gas.

I also went to Burlington on Nov. 5
to hand out campaign cards.

That's a total of
$60. on gas.

The campaign cards
were less than $20. because they don't
say "for Governor" so I can use half of
them for other purposes.

Then there were three hotel bills for
going to Burlington because I am not
young anymore and not willing to drive
up and back in one day,
one visit to
the Ho Hum Motel (half the cost for my
campaign for U.S. Senate)
and two visits to
Motel North,
at about an average of
$65. each or less for my campaign for

There was also a day trip to WNYT Albany,
and from my place in southern VT that's
about $15. gas divided by two campaigns
because I was also on the ballot for
U.S. Senate.

My appearances on WNYT did
not get put on streaming video because
of Hurricane Sandy.

Please accept this as a late
electronic filing statement.
Summary: Less than $500. spent
on my campaign 2012 for Governor of Vermont.

Also, please note that apparently
2012 Governor candidate
Emily Peyton has filed a Court action against
Burlington Free Press, WCAX and WPTZ for
refusal to include her in debates and forums.

She apparently named me
[December 11, 2012 Plaintiff's Additional
Memorandum of Law]]
in one of her Court
papers filed in Chittenden Unite Superior Court
Civil Division Docket No. 1115-10-12 Cncv

She sent me a couple of the Court papers,
one has an Entry Regarding Motion
Filed Oct. 18, 2012
and somewhere in one of the papers she
apparently expresses that she is only
representing herself;
I looked up in a Vermont Statutes Annotated
2008 General Index (which is what I have
available here)
and on page 926 it says
"Class actions, VRCP 23(c),(d)"
and I can't find anywhere on the
internet the
"Appendix of Forms: Rules of Civil Procedure"
Rule 23

Apparently Emily Peyton thinks she can not
represent a Class Action Pro Se,
and I think that if she loses this case,
that it will negatively affect all
future candidates who are not members
of major parties.

Please let me know if you receive this
and can electronically file it as my
"Filing statement affirming $500. was not
raised or spent".

Please also send me a copy of
"Class Actions, VRCP,
Vermont Court Rules Annotated,
Vermont Rules of Civil Procedure
by e-mail
if possible.

The defendants, in their papers, are
apparently claiming that Emily Peyton did
not meet their requirement of 5% vote
in the previous election.

I think that because she was excluded from
debates and forums run by non-profits
that should have included her because
they are taxpayer funded,
that she (and I)
would have met the
media's creation of a 5% previous
vote requirement.

I think that certain entities that have
excluded candidates may be in violation
of 26 USCS Section 501(c)(3)(h)
and EEOC laws when you look at the fact
that EEOC covers job applicants,
and EEOC laws protect against
sexual and religious discrimination,
so they protect against discrimination
based on choices,
because you can chose to have a sex
change and you can chose to change
your religion,
so I think the Chittenden Superior Court
should have a discussion about choices,
because if sex and religious choices are
protected, then shouldn't your
choice of political affiliation also
be protected
in a situation whereby it is a taxpayer funded
excluding you from a debate or forum
because you are not representing a Major

Also, because
the non-profits exclude candidates like
me and Emily Peyton
because we
are not members of a major party,
then we do not achieve (accrue) the 5% vote
requirement which was created
not by
but by the media's own created
requirement that they will not include
any candiate in a debate who did not
previously receive 5% of the vote in the
previous election.

In other words, do we have a "civil conspiracy"
under some law I came across and have to find
again for "civil conspiracy"
where by the media knows that the taxpayer funded
non-profits exlude non major party candidates
and because the non-profits which
are taxpayer funded are excluding
non-major party candidates,
the excluded candidates
can never reach (accrue) the 5% vote requirement
in the previous election cycle
that is not a requirement by law, code
or statute, but invented by the media
to exclude candidates from debates
in the current election cycle, so,
is that what you would call a
civil conspiracy?

At any rate, now I want to
know what the Class Action laws
are because apparently I am being named in
this lawsuit but left out of
any opportunity to argue my point.

Thank you,
Cris Ericson
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont 05143-9375

LBT:8827Smart ( 1017.97 points)
December 21, 2012 10:09am
Brandon: Obama will nominate Kerry today.
About time he has an intelligent person in his cabinet.

R:194Scott³ ( 8016.08 points)
December 20, 2012 07:25pm
But that wouldn't allow our Democratic US Senators from basically proposing a 'troll' proposal!

R:7206Hikikomori Blitzkrieg! ( 290.26 points)
December 19, 2012 11:55am
Shark Destructo (CNN correspondent, Israeli affairs expert, Yad Vashem historican, GLBT advocate, IDF veteran, and military analyst) reports from Newtown, Connecticut.

December 19, 2012

I arrived in Newtown by way of a private chartered flight when I heard that children had yet again been murdered by the combined forces of anti-Semitism, Republican racism, white privilege, gun ownership, homophobia, and simple goyische ignorance.

Mind you, I am no stranger to violence. I served in Iraq for five hours as an adjutant to Paula Broadwell during a layover in Baghdad en route to Amman, Jordan. For my willingness to risk life, limb, and sanity for the American people and freedom, I was awarded 700 medals, including the Platinum Cock With Oak Leaf Testicles, the Order of Barney Frank, the Anti-Bullying Medal, and a Presidential citation for excellence in military sport recreation (I excelled at felching, which along with writing My Little Pony fan fiction and knitting, has become one of the officially endorsed sporting activities of the United States military).

Arriving in Newtown, I noticed with great displeasure that former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had already preceded me and was speaking to local media about the significance of the events. I bulled my way past these local reporters using my CNN credential pass and asked Mr. Romney for a few on-the-record comments about the events that had transpired. I also wanted him to take responsibility for the shootings, as Mr. Romney's party is a party that (along with supporting white privilege) supports the murder of children with guns. Romney's comments were as follows:

"Look, soy-tits, this whole ****ing circus here is horse**** - having to dodge bullets and face danger is good for kids. Hell, they need it. I owe my own success to this kind of natural selection. You probably don't know this, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints owns a number of planets - we were working on space travel and terraforming while you ****ers were busy working on helping macacas make model volcanoes out of play-doh, or whatever the **** you do. Anyway, the Mormon planet that is used for early childhood education is known as Infernus 898765454 - and its a massive desert where average temperatures reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and the only liquid matter present is an enormous lake of concentrated acid that is located near the northern pole. Now it would be one thing if the place wasn't populated, but the indigenous species there are real mother****ers. They're self-aware robots that also have organic parts - their arms, for example, are electric eels, and their heads are those of silver-backed gorillas. Instead of eyeballs, they have magic 8-balls plunked in their sockets, and the only message that ever appears on the floating triangle is, 'Pray for Death, Faggot'. Basically, when you turn 8 years old, the Mormon Church sends you to serve the Infernians, and only 1 out of a million survive.

Most Mormon children are immediately seized by these monsters and pressed into service in the Infernus Youth Choir - but you see, the Infernian definition of ''choir'' is different than ours, ok? The Infernians find the sound that an eyeball makes when it is punctured by staples to be highly stimulating - so their youth choir consists of hundreds of thousands of kids having their eyeballs popped in some kind of musical unison. Those that avoid being forced into the choir are forced to toil in salt mines or offered jobs as courtesans. I lucked out because I know a lot of funny jokes about Blacks, and some nifty card tricks, so I became the one in a million out of the class of 1958. I'm not any barstool Barsoomian, you see, son - I'm a bona fide Space Lord. Heil Hitler!"

Mr. Romney's white privileged comments might be easily dismissed as the personal opinions of an individual warped by the heteronormative, white male values which pollute the upper classes, but they are tragically all to common in the Republican Party of today.

D:1658Homegrown Democrat ( 758.37 points)
December 16, 2012 08:35am
You were thinking of a poop.

Can it cheer you up? You said Maybe, 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is No.

Buncha prudes.

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