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  VA US Senate
Parents > United States > Virginia > Senate Class I
Type General Election
Filing Deadline January 01, 2012 - 12:00pm Central
Polls Open November 06, 2012 - 08:00am Central
Polls Close November 06, 2012 - 06:00pm Central
Term Start January 03, 2013 - 12:00pm
Term End January 03, 2019 - 12:00pm
Turnout 53.71% Total Population
Last ModifiedRBH December 10, 2012 01:00pm
Data Sources[Link]
  PartyDemocratic Won11/07/2006
NameJim Webb Votes1,175,606 (49.59%)
Term01/03/2007 - 01/03/2013 Margin9,329 (+0.39%)
Jun 12, 2012 VA US Senate - R Primary George F. Allen

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KEY RACE? 9.8000001907 Average
Leaning Graph
01/04/2009 11/06/2012
Tim Kaine 55 13 ----
George F. Allen 14 3 ----
Leaning Call: Tim Kaine (80.20%)
Weighted Call: George F. Allen (-71.46%)
Poll Graph

11/10/2010 11/04/2012

Name Chairman Tim Kaine Sen. George F. Allen (W) Write-In  
PartyDemocratic Republican Nonpartisan  
Campaign Logo  
Certified Votes2,010,067 (52.87%) 1,785,542 (46.96%) 6,587 (0.17%)  
Margin0 (0.00%) -224,525 (-5.91%) -2,003,480 (-52.69%)  
Predict Avg.50.10% 49.40% 0.00%  
Cash On Hand 6/30 $2,724,477.00 6/30 $3,337,944.00 $--  
Website [Website]  
Entry Date 00/00/2012 01/24/2011 --  
MATCHUP POLLS (76 from 21 pollsters)
Adj Poll Avg50.47%-- 47.89%-- 0.00%--  
Public Policy Polling (D) 
52.00% 2.0 46.00% 1.0 0.00% --
JZ Analytics / Zogby Analytics 
49.80% 1.0 42.50% 1.1 0.00% --
48.00% -- 46.00% 1.0 0.00% --
JZ Analytics / Zogby Analytics 
48.80% 3.1 41.40% 3.6 0.00% --
46.00% 4.0 46.00% 4.0 0.00% --
48.00% 1.0 45.00% 1.0 0.00% --
  Washington Post
  Danville Register & Bee
I L. Douglas Wilder
  Staunton News Leader
  Human Rights Campaign
  Washington Post
  Veterans' Alliance for Security and Democracy (VETPAC)
D DylanSH99
IndP 6921
  Richmond Times-Dispatch
  Bluefield Daily Telegraph
  Lynchburg News & Advance
R Spen
R Maryland Republican
R ...

Start Date End Date Type Title Contributor

Start Date Candidate Category Ad Tone Lng Title Run Time Contributor
10/15/2012 vs George F. Allen TVAd Attack eng George Allen's "Economically Destructive" Policies Would Cost 700,000 Jobs  00:00:30 Progressive Scot 
10/02/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Heart  00:00:35 RP 
09/28/2012 vs George F. Allen TVAd Attack eng The Last Thing Women Need In Washington   00:00:31 RP 
09/27/2012 Tim Kaine vs George F. Allen TVAd Attack eng Shift  00:00:31 RP 
09/26/2012 vs George F. Allen TVAd Attack eng George Allen Wants To Privatize Social Security, Risk It All On Wall Street   00:00:34 RP 
09/26/2012 George F. Allen TVAd Endorsement eng Rhonda  00:01:01 RP 
09/25/2012 George F. Allen vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Accountable  00:00:31 RP 
09/21/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Addicted  00:00:35 RP 
09/20/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng No on Energy  00:00:30 RP 
09/19/2012 Tim Kaine vs George F. Allen TVAd Issue eng Middle Ground  00:00:31 RP 
09/19/2012 Tim Kaine TVAd Biography eng Partner  00:00:31 RP 
09/19/2012 vs George F. Allen TVAd Attack eng Waste  00:00:32 RP 
09/17/2012 Tim Kaine TVAd Issue spa Apoyar  00:00:32 RP 
09/14/2012 Tim Kaine vs George F. Allen Radio Ad Contrast eng Clock  00:01:01 RP 
09/13/2012 Tim Kaine TVAd Issue eng Unleashed  00:00:31 RP 
09/12/2012 Tim Kaine vs George F. Allen TVAd Contrast eng Actions Matter  00:00:30 RP 
09/12/2012 George F. Allen TVAd Issue eng Envision  00:00:31 RP 
09/11/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Questionable  00:00:35 RP 
09/11/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Teeth  00:00:35 RP 
08/29/2012 Tim Kaine TVAd Issue eng Tomorrow  00:00:30 RP 
08/21/2012 Tim Kaine TVAd Biography eng Best  00:00:30 RP 
08/15/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Tim Kaine and Union Bosses  00:00:33 RP 
08/15/2012 vs George F. Allen TVAd Attack eng Worked for Them  00:00:30 RP 
08/14/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Cost  00:00:31 RP 
08/14/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Pledged  00:00:31 RP 
07/26/2012 vs Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Tim Kaine - Wrong Track   00:00:31 RP 
07/24/2012 Tim Kaine TVAd Attack eng Big Spender  00:00:32 RP 
07/23/2012 George F. Allen TVAd Issue eng Devastating  00:00:31 RP 
06/18/2012 vs George F. Allen TVAd Attack eng Only One  00:00:32 RP 
04/25/2012 TVAd Attack eng Crossroads GPS: "Similarities" VA  00:00:34 RP 
04/05/2011 Tim Kaine Infomercial Biography eng Best Decision I Ever Made   00:02:01 RP 


Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Nov 09, 2012 08:00am News Hank the Cat Appears to Place Third in [VA] Senate Race  Article J.R. 
Sep 24, 2012 01:45pm Video Tim Kaine, George Allen don aprons, get cooking  Article RP 
Jul 03, 2012 12:15pm News Tim Kaine will attend party convention, George Allen won’t  Article Craverguy 
Jun 03, 2012 02:00am General A more focused, disciplined Allen seeks redemption  Article Jason 
Feb 08, 2012 04:50am General Tim Kaine splits with Obama on birth control rule for religious groups   Article Jason 
May 05, 2011 03:55pm Strategy Democrats Clearly Trying to Get George Allen to Say Another Racial Slur  Article Jason 
Apr 13, 2011 03:10pm General An idealistic, long shot alternative to Kaine  Article Jason 
Apr 07, 2011 10:00pm News Va.'s George Allen gets tripped up over sports banter  Article The Sunset Provision 
Apr 05, 2011 05:25pm Announcement Tim Kaine Finally Runs for Senate  Article COSDem 
Apr 03, 2011 09:05pm General Sources say Kaine plans to announce Senate bid  Article COSDem 
Mar 31, 2011 08:00pm General Obama Prods Kaine to Enter Race for Open Virginia Senate Seat  Article COSDem 
Mar 16, 2011 08:00pm General Wilder: Whether Kaine’s in race or not, Scott could still run for Senate  Article COSDem 
Mar 14, 2011 03:55pm News Tim Kaine 'Likely' to Run for Senate  Article TX DEM 
Mar 07, 2011 11:00pm Election Guide Kaine vs. Allen would be epic slugfest  Article Monsieur 
Mar 07, 2011 10:35pm News Kaine will likely announce Senate decision as soon as next week  Article TX DEM 
Mar 04, 2011 10:00pm News Rep. Connolly rules out 2012 Senate run; hopes for Kaine  Article TX DEM 
Feb 16, 2011 10:50pm News Perriello Would Consider Senate Bid if Kaine Declines  Article TX DEM 
Feb 16, 2011 12:00am News Kaine to Talk to Obama About Senate Bid  Article TX DEM 
Feb 11, 2011 10:00pm News Nye has "no interest"  Article TX DEM 
Feb 09, 2011 10:45am News Source: Webb won't seek reelection  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Jan 18, 2011 03:00pm News Kaine says no to Senate run if Webb retires  Article eddy 9_99 
Dec 30, 2010 03:10pm Strategy In Virginia, Tea Party candidate hopes to tie Democratic Sen. Webb to Obama  Article Jason 
Nov 11, 2010 05:00pm Speculative [Jim] Webb weighing [running for] reelection  Article J.R. 

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