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  French President - PS Primary
Parents > France > President
TypeSocialist Primary Election
Filing Deadline July 13, 2011 - 12:00pm
Polls Open October 09, 2011 - 09:00am
Polls Close October 09, 2011 - 02:00pm
Term Start May 10, 2012 - 12:00pm
Term End May 10, 2017 - 12:00pm
Turnout 1310.95% Registered
Last ModifiedM@ October 15, 2011 08:10pm
Data Sources[Link]
  PartyUnion for a Popular Movement Won05/06/2007
NameNicolas Sarkozy Votes18,983,408 (53.06%)
Term05/16/2007 - 05/26/2012 Margin2,192,797 (+6.13%)
  PartySocialist Won05/06/2012
NameFrançois Hollande Votes18,000,668 (51.64%)
Term05/15/2012 - 05/00/2017 Margin1,139,983 (+3.27%)
RaceFrench President - Runoff 05/06/2012

Embed Code
KEY RACE? 9.3332996368 Average
Leaning Graph
04/16/2010 10/09/2011
François Hollande 4 3 1 --
Martine Aubry 1 ------
Leaning Call: François Hollande (92.86%)
Weighted Call: 0 (0.00%)
Poll Graph

04/29/2008 09/30/2011

Name National Assembly François Hollande Party Leader Martine Aubry National Assembly Arnaud Montebourg Regional President Ségolène Royal National Assembly Manuel Valls Jean-Michel Baylet Blank - Void
PartySocialist Socialist Socialist Socialist Socialist Socialist Socialist
Certified Votes1,038,188 (39.01%) 806,168 (30.29%) 455,601 (17.12%) 184,091 (6.92%) 149,103 (5.60%) 17,055 (0.64%) 11,025 (0.41%)
Margin0 (0.00%) -232,020 (-8.72%) -582,587 (-21.89%) -854,097 (-32.09%) -889,085 (-33.41%) -1,021,133 (-38.37%) -1,027,163 (-38.60%)
Predict Avg.39.00% 30.00% 11.00% 12.00% 6.00% 2.00% 0.00%
Cash On Hand $-- $-- $-- $-- $-- $-- $--
Website [Website] [Website] [Website] [Website] [Website] [Website]
Entry Date 03/31/2011 06/28/2011 00/00/2010 11/30/2010 04/09/2010 00/00/2011 --
MATCHUP POLLS (30 from 7 pollsters)
Adj Poll Avg40.25%-- 27.66%-- 7.89%-- 13.43%-- 5.01%-- 0.96%-- 0.00%--
42.00% -- 27.00% 7.0 8.00% 4.0 11.00% 2.0 5.00% 1.0 1.00% -- 0.00% --
34.00% 3.0 27.00% 4.0 6.00% 1.0 19.00% 3.0 4.00% 1.0 1.00% 1.0 0.00% --
44.00% -- 28.00% -- 11.00% -- 9.00% -- 7.00% -- 1.00% -- 0.00% --
41.00% 4.0 31.00% 3.0 5.00% 1.0 13.00% -- 6.00% 1.0 1.00% -- 0.00% --
37.00% 4.0 31.00% 8.0 5.00% 2.0 16.00% 4.0 3.00% 1.0 0.00% -- 0.00% --
42.00% -- 31.00% -- 5.00% -- 18.00% -- 3.00% -- 1.00% -- 0.00% --
PS Jack Lang [L]
PS Jean-Jacques Urvoas [L]
PS Frédérique Espagnac [L]
MUP Robert Hue [L]
PS Alexandre Medvedowsky [L]
PS Didier Arnal [L]
PS Michel Françaix [L]
PS Christophe Sirugue [L]
PS Jean-Yves Le Déaut [L]
PS Genviève Fioraso [L]
PS Bernadette Laclais [L]
PS Philippe Doucet [L]
PS Pascal Terrasse [L]
PS Patrick Mennucci [L]
PS Olivier Faure [L]
PS Michèle Delaunay [L]
PS Michel Ménard [L]
PS Dominique Raimbourg [L]
PS Marie-Françoise Clergeau [L]
PS Gérard Gouzes [L]
PS Annick Le Loch [L]
PS Monique Iborra [L]
PS Bertrand Auban [L]
PS Marcel Rainaud [L]
PS Jean-Pierre Masseret [L]
PS Yves Daudigny [L]
PS Julien Dray [L]
PS Jean-Pierre Bel [L]
PS Jean-Paul Bacquet [L]
PS Jean-Marc Ayrault [L]
PS Jérôme Cahuzac [L]
PS Martial Bourquin [L]
PS Marisol Touraine [L]
PS Philippe Bies [L]
PS Jean-Paul Dupré [L]
PS Jacques Bascou [L]
PS Roland Courteau [L]
PS Alain Fauconnier [L]
PS Jean-Claude Perez [L]
PS Jean Besson [L]
PS Jean-Louis Touraine [L]
PS Paul Paboeuf [L]
PS Bernard Roman [L]
PS Michel Delebarre [L]
PS Armand Jung [L]
PS Frédéric Cuvillier [L]
PS Albert Facon [L]
PS Odette Duriez [L]
PS François Cuillandre [L]
PS Roland Ries [L]
PS Vincent Peillon [L]
PS Jean-Yves Le Drian [L]
PS Bernard Derosier [L]
PS Alain Rodet [L]
PS Jean-Jacques Lozach [L]
PS Odile Saugues [L]
PS Jean-Paul Denanot [L]
PS François Patriat [L]
PS Pierre Moscovici [L]
PS Gérard Collomb [L]
PS Jean-Paul Bachy [L]
PS Aurélie Filippetti [L]
PS Jean-Michel Villaumé [L]
PS Alain Rousset [L]
PS Daniel Percheron [L]
PS Nicole Bricq [L]
PS Didier Guillaume [L]
PS Michel Sapin [L]
PS François Rebsamen [L]
PS Marie-Arlette Carlotti [L]
PS Claude Jeannerot [L]
PS Jacques Bigot [L]
PS Bruno Le Roux [L]
PS André Vallini [L]
PS Stéphane Le Foll [L]
PS Pierre Mauroy [L]
PS Bruno Julliard [L]
PS Valérie Fourneyron [L]
PS Catherine Trautmann [L]
PS Elisabeth Guigou [L]
PS Marie-Guite Dufay [L]
PS François Bonneau [L]
PS Christian Eckert [L]
PS Laurence Rossignol [L]
PS Germinal Peiro [L]
PS Pierre-Alain Muet [L]
PS Daniel Goldberg [L]
PS Marie-Françoise Pérol-Dumont [L]
PS Alain Anziani [L]
PS André Laignel [L]
PS Jean-René Marsac [L]
PS Marie-Renée Oget [L]
PS Jean Gaubert [L]
PS Corinne Erhel [L]
PS Laurence Dumont [L]
PS Jean-Louis Dumont [L]
PS Philippe Duron [L]
PS René Dosière [L]
PS François Deluga [L]
PS Pascale Crozon [L]
PS Catherine Coutelle [L]
PS Patrick Lebreton [L]
PS Marcel Rogemont [L]
DG Jean-Noël Guérini [L]
PS Alain Vidalies [L]
PS Jean-Paul Chanteguet [L]
PS Thierry Carcenac [L]
PS Alain Cacheux [L]
PS François Brottes [L]
PS Christophe Bouillon [L]
PS Marie-Odile Bouillé [L]
PS Serge Blisko [L]
PS Gisèle Biémouret [L]
PS Gérard Bapt [L]
PS Sylvie Andrieux [L]
PS Daniel Goldberg [L]
PS Catherine Lemorton [L]
PS Yves Durand [L]
PS Régis Juanico [L]
PS Simon Sutour [L]
PS Jean-Louis Gagnaire [L]
PS David Habib [L]
PS Georges Labazée [L]
PS Gilles Cocquempot [L]
PS Serge Janquin [L]
PS Jacqueline Maquet [L]
PS Jean-Claude Leroy [L]
PS Alain Le Vern [L]
PS Jean Mallot [L]
PS Sandrine Mazetier [L]
PS Tony Dreyfus [L]
PS Martin Malvy [L]
PS Jacques Auxiette [L]
PS Patrick Bloche [L]
PS Adeline Hazan [L]
PS Alain Néri [L]
PS René Souchon [L]
PS Jean Michel [L]
PS Michel Vergnier [L]
PS Bertrand Delanoë [L]
PS Claude Bartolone [L]
PS Olivier Dussopt [L]
PS Anne Hidalgo [L]
PS Elisabeth Guigou [L]
PS François Lamy [L]
PS Jean-Paul Huchon [L]
PS Jean Glavany [L]
PS Christian Paul [L]
PS Rachel Mazuir [L]
PS André Vézinhet [L]
PS Jean-Michel Boucheron [L]
PS Daniel Delaveau [L]
PS Hélène Mandroux-Colas [L]
PS Catherine Tasca [L]
PS Michel Destot [L]
PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis [L]
PS Laurent Fabius [L]
PS Marylise Lebranchu [L]
PS Benoît Hamon [L]
PS Pierre Mauroy [L]
PS Jack Lang [L]
PS Henri Emmanuelli [L]
PS Jacques Delors [L]
PS Pierre Cohen [L]
D Some say...

Benoît Hamon (PS)
 00, 2011
Jack Lang (PS)
 00, 2011
Daniel Le Scornet (PS)
 00, 2010 -  00, 2011
Jean Mallot (PS)
 00, 2010 -  00, 2011
Anne Mansouret (PS)
 00, 2011 -  00, 2011
Hacène Mezrag (PS)
 00, 2010 -  00, 2011
Pierre Moscovici (PS)
 00, 2011
Will Mael Nyamat (PS)
 00, 2011 -  00, 2011
Christian Pierret (PS)
 00, 2010 -  00, 2011
Dominique Strauss-Kahn (PS)
 00, 2011
Aurélien Tricot (PS)
 00, 2011 -  00, 2011
Laurent Fabius (PS)
Oct 06, 2010
Jean-Louis Bianco (PS)
 00, 2010
Gérard Collomb (PS)
 00, 2010
Bertrand Delanoë (PS)
Sep 03, 2009

Start Date End Date Type Title Contributor

Start Date Candidate Category Ad Tone Lng Title Run Time Contributor
08/26/2011 François Hollande Infomercial Biography eng Can Francois Hollande take on Nicolas Sarkozy?  00:02:04 Progressive Scot 
08/26/2011 Martine Aubry Infomercial Biography eng Can Martine Aubry take on Nicolas Sarkozy?  00:01:39 Progressive Scot 
08/25/2011 Ségolène Royal Infomercial Biography eng Can Segolene Royal take on Nicolas Sarkozy?  00:01:52 Progressive Scot 


Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Jun 28, 2011 05:05pm Announcement Martine Aubry launches French presidential election bid  Article La Fayette 
Jun 27, 2011 10:35am News France's Socialist presidential hopefuls prepare for battle  Article La Fayette 
Jun 14, 2011 01:05pm News The Socialists’ two-horse race  Article La Fayette 
Nov 22, 2008 03:40am News French Socialists Elect Aubry as New Head; Royal Urges New Vote  Article Otis Gough 
May 23, 2008 07:00am Speculative Gay Mayor of Paris sets his sights on French presidency  Article Craverguy 
May 19, 2008 04:00pm News Royal seeks second chance in battle to depose Sarkozy  Article M@ 

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