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  AZ-2006-Proposition 107 (Protect Marriage Arizona)
Parents > United States > Arizona > Propositions > 2006 Propositions > AZ-2006-Proposition 107 (Protect Marriage Arizona)
Type Referendum
Filing Deadline July 05, 2006 - 12:00pm
Polls Open November 07, 2006 - 07:00am
Polls Close November 07, 2006 - 08:00pm
Term Start January 01, 2007 - 01:00pm
Term End December 31, 9999 - 01:00pm
Turnout 58.85% Registered 29.18% Total Population
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifiedThe Sunset Provision January 17, 2007 05:14pm
Data Sources[Link]
Description Protect Marriage Arizona
This proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution preserves marriage as only consisting of the union of one man and one woman, and prohibits the state and its political subdivisions from creating or recognizing any legal status for unmarried persons that is similar to that of marriage.

Pursuant to Arizona state statute, marriage between persons of the same sex is void and prohibited. Arizona law does not recognize a marriage contracted in any other state or country that is between two persons of the same sex.

Proposition 107 would amend the Arizona Constitution to provide that in order to preserve and protect marriage:
1. Only a union between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage by the State of Arizona or its cities, towns, counties or districts.
2. The State of Arizona and its cities, towns, counties or districts shall not create or recognize a legal status for unmarried persons that is similar to marriage.

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KEY RACE? 0.0000000000 Average
Leaning Graph
08/09/2006 11/07/2006
Yes 3 1 ----
Leaning Call: Yes (100.00%)
Weighted Call: Yes (100.00%)
Poll Graph

03/03/2006 10/16/2006

Name No Yes  
PartyNO YES  
Certified Votes775,498 (51.80%) 721,489 (48.20%)  
Margin0 (0.00%) -54,009 (-3.61%)  
Predict Avg.0.00% 0.00%  
Cash On Hand $-- $--  
MATCHUP POLLS (4 from 3 pollsters)
Adj Poll Avg49.75%-- 41.17%--  
Social Research Laboratory/NAU 
42.00% -- 51.00% --
Harstad Strategic (D) 
48.00% -- 41.00% --
Arizona State University 
51.00% -- 38.00% --
Social Research Laboratory/NAU 
40.00% -- 52.00% --
LBT Smart
D Andy
  Arizona Daily Star (Tuscon)
D Steve Farley [L]
D Chad Campbell [L]
D Harry Mitchell [L]
D Ellen Simon [L]
D Vic McKerlie [L]
R Fred Ronstadt [L]
R Bob Walkup [L]
D Alfredo Gutierrez [L]
D Ken Clark [L]
D David T. Bradley [L]
LBT Barry J. Hess, II
D Ann Kirkpatrick [L]
R Toni Hellon [L]
RTL aztwinsmom
  Arizona Republic
  Arizona Democratic Party
  Arizona Green Party
  Arizona Libertarian Party
  East Valley Tribune
R Mike Harris [L]
R Gary Tupper [L]
D Brandonius Maximus
D Janet Napolitano [L]
J Dr. Cynic
D George Miller [L]
D Neil G. Giuliano [L]
D Mark Mitchell [L]
D Phil Gordon [L]
R Steve May [L]
R John Greene [L]
D Ken Cheuvront [L]
D Kyrsten Sinema [L]
D Robert Meza [L]
D Steve M. Gallardo [L]
D Tom Prezelski [L]
D Paula Aboud [L]
D David Lujan [L]
D Olivia Cajero Bedford [L]
D Linda Lopez [L]
D Phil Lopes [L]
R Grant Woods [L]
D Gabrielle Giffords [L]
D Patty Weiss [L]
D Raul Grijalva [L]
R Jim Kolbe [L]
D Edward Lopez Pastor [L]
D Mike Caccioppoli [L]
R Arthur Ray "Art" Arvizu [L]
R Bill Phillips [L]
R Bruce P. Murchison [L]
R John Kavanagh [L]
R Don Karg [L]
R Dale Despain [L]
R Daniel Coleman [L]
R Steven B. "Steve" Yarbrough [L]
R Jerry Weiers [L]
R Colette Rosati [L]
R Russell Pearce [L]
R Warde V. Nichols [L]
R John B. Nelson [L]
R Laura Knaperek [L]
R Trish Groe [L]
R Pamela Gorman [L]
R Charyl Chase [L]
R Tom Boone [L]
R Nancy Barto [L]
R Mark Anderson [L]
R John M. Allen [L]
R Kirk Adams [L]
R Dean Martin [L]
R Chuck Gray [L]
R Jake Flake [L]
R Robert Blendu [L]
R Gary L. Pierce [L]
R Bob Robson [L]
R Stephen Tully [L]
R James P. "Jim" Weiers [L]
R Ken Bennett [L]
R Jan Brewer [L]
R John Shadegg [L]
R Trent Franks [L]
R Jon Kyl [L]
R John McCain [L]
R Len Munsil
R Don Goldwater

Start Date End Date Type Title Contributor

Start Date Candidate Category Ad Tone Lng Title Run Time Contributor


Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Jan 17, 2007 05:00pm News Gay marriage ban may be on ballot again  Article The Sunset Provision 
Nov 01, 2006 09:00am News (AZ) Prop. 107 backers blast stay-at-home mom comment  Article Thomas Walker 
Oct 17, 2006 04:00pm Poll Polls show same-sex marriage ban may fail in Arizona  Article Thomas Walker 
Aug 14, 2006 04:00pm General Conservatives cheer inclusion of gay-marriage ban on ballot  Article Thomas Walker 

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