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  Supreme Court - Associate Justice
Parents > United States > U.S. Supreme Court > Associate Justice 6
OfficeSupreme Court
Type Confirmation
Filing Deadline March 21, 1930 - 12:00pm
Polls Open May 07, 1930 - 06:00am
Polls Close May 07, 1930 - 08:00pm
Term Start May 07, 1930 - 12:00pm
Term End May 07, 1930 - 12:00pm
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifiedTX DEM December 13, 2012 04:02pm
Data Sources[Link]
  PartyNonpartisan Won01/29/1923
NameEdward Terry Sanford Votes1 (100.00%)
Term02/19/1923 - 03/08/1930 Margin1 (+100.00%)
  PartyNonpartisan Won05/20/1930
NameOwen Josephus Roberts Votes1 (100.00%)
Term06/02/1930 - 07/31/1945 Margin1 (+100.00%)
RaceSupreme Court - Associate Justice 05/20/1930
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KEY RACE? 0.0000000000 Average
Leaning Call: 0 (0.00%)
Weighted Call: 0 (0.00%)

Name Reject John J. Parker  
Party Nonpartisan  
Uncertified Votes41 (51.25%) 39 (48.75%)  
Margin0 (0.00%) -2 (-2.50%)  
Predict Avg.0.00% 0.00%  
Cash On Hand $-- $--  
MATCHUP POLLS (0 from 0 pollsters)
IndP 6921
J Dr. Cynic
  American Federation of Labor (A.F.L.)
  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
R Henrik Shipstead [L]
D Burton Kendall Wheeler [L]
D Thomas J. Walsh [L]
D David Ignatius Walsh [L]
D Robert Ferdinand Wagner [L]
D Millard Evelyn Tydings [L]
D Park Trammell [L]
D Morris Sheppard [L]
D Joseph Taylor Robinson [L]
D Key Pittman [L]
D Kenneth D. McKellar [L]
D John B. Kendrick [L]
D Carl Trumbull Hayden [L]
D Harry B. Hawes [L]
D William J. Harris [L]
D Clarence Cleveland Dill [L]
D Royal S. Copeland [L]
D Thomas T. "Tom" Connally [L]
D Thaddeus H. Caraway [L]
D William E. Brock [L]
D Sam Gilbert Bratton [L]
D Hugo Lafayette Black [L]
D Alben William Barkley [L]
D Henry Fountain Ashurst [L]
R Arthur H. Vandenberg [L]
R Frederick Steiwer [L]
R Thomas David Schall [L]
R Arthur R. Robinson [L]
R William B. Pine [L]
R Gerald Prentice Nye [L]
I George W. Norris [L]
R Robert Marion La Follette, Jr. [L]
R Hiram W. Johnson [L]
R Robert B. "Ralph" Howell [L]
R Lynn Joseph Frazier [L]
R Charles Samuel Deneen [L]
R Bronson M. Cutting [L]
R James G. Couzens [L]
R Arthur Capper [L]
R William E. Borah [L]
R John J. Blaine [L]
D Claude Augustus Swanson [L]
D Hubert D. Stephens [L]
D Daniel F. Steck [L]
D Furnifold M. Simmons [L]
D Joseph E. Ransdell [L]
D Lee Slater Overman [L]
D Byron P. "Pat" Harrison [L]
D Carter Glass [L]
D Edwin Sidney Broussard [L]
D Coleman Livingston Blease [L]
R James E. Watson [L]
R Charles W. Waterman [L]
R Frederic C. Walcott [L]
R John G. Townsend, Jr. [L]
R John Thomas [L]
R Patrick J. Sullivan [L]
R Reed Smoot [L]
R Samuel Morgan Shortridge [L]
R David A. Reed [L]
R Roscoe C. Patterson [L]
R Tasker L. Oddie [L]
R Jesse H. Metcalf [L]
R Roscoe C. McCulloch [L]
R Henry W. Keyes [L]
R Hamilton F. Kean [L]
R Henry Drury Hatfield [L]
R Wesley Livsey Jones [L]
R Felix Hebert [L]
R Daniel O. Hastings [L]
R Frederick Hale [L]
R Frank Lester Greene [L]
R Arthur R. Gould [L]
R Phillips Lee Goldsborough [L]
R Frederick Huntington Gillett [L]
R Simeon D. Fess [L]
R Porter Hinman Dale [L]
R Hiram Bingham [L]
R David Baird [L]
R Henry J. Allen [L]

Start Date End Date Type Title Contributor

Start Date Candidate Category Ad Tone Lng Title Run Time Contributor


Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Nov 02, 1971 09:00pm Election Guide Confirmation Denied : The Senate Rejects John J. Parker  Article Thomas Walker 

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