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DescriptionHistorically, the American Party has had a number of existences. Chronologically, the more important of them were:

1843--1856: The American Party was a nativist party, with strength throughout the nation. It won many races in the early 1840s, particularly in cities. In several states, it was originally known as the Native American Party. Its 1847 national convention in Philadelphia adopted the name American Party but allowed state affiliates to retain their local names. The party received a boost when the Know Nothing movement began in the early 1850s and raised the party to a major force nationally. The party divided in 1856, when most of its northern adherents joined the Republicans. The party remained the opposition party to the Democrats in several southern states until the Civil War. National conventions: 1848 , 1852 , 1856 .

1886--1891: A fleeting American Party was in existence, nominating national tickets which ran under several different labels in different states.

1906--1910: An American Party was active in Utah

1914--1916: An American Party was active in New York State (it ran a slate of electors pledged to Charles E. Hughes in 1916)

1920, 1924: The label "American Party" was used for the independent candidacies of James Ferguson and Gilbert Nations.

1968-1996: The American Party was one of the names of state affiliates of the George Wallace campaign. After the 1972 election, the different state affiliates divided into two parties, usually called the American and American Independent Parties but with state affiliates sometimes using different names. The American Party candidates for president and vice president last appeared on the ballot in 1996 although they held national conventions in 2000, 2004, and 2008. National conventions (lots of details here): 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008.

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11/08/2016 SC District 01 Albert Travison ???
11/08/2016 SC District 02 Eddie McCain ???
11/08/2016 SC State House 118 Alfred A. North ???
11/04/2014 SC State House 074 Donna McGreevy Lost 12.95% (-73.85%)
11/04/2014 SC Superintendent of Education Edward Murray Lost 3.81% (-53.16%)
11/04/2014 SC US Senate - Special Election Jill Bossi Lost 1.75% (-59.37%)
11/04/2014 SC Agriculture Commissioner Emile Defelice Lost 8.92% (-70.67%)
11/06/2012 NJ District 9 E. David Smith Lost 0.52% (-73.45%)
11/02/2010 PA - District 07 James D. "Jim" Schneller Lost 1.08% (-53.86%)
03/08/2008 US President - Am Convention Diane Beall Templin Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
02/19/2008 Best Drink Soda Pop Lost 0.00% (-42.11%)
09/18/2007 Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke National Vote - Popular Soda Pop Lost 0.48% (-41.99%)
11/07/2006 MN Governor Leslie Davis Lost 0.17% (-46.52%)
11/07/2006 NJ District 13 Esmat Zaklama Lost 0.48% (-77.05%)
11/07/2006 MN Lt. Governor Gregory K. Soderberg Lost 0.17% (-46.52%)
11/02/2004 US Vice President Al Moore Lost 0.00% (-53.16%)
06/30/2004 Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke Canadian National Vote - Popular Soda Pop Lost 0.13% (-85.76%)
01/10/2004 US President - Amer Selection Robert N. Boyd Lost 0.00% (-53.85%)
01/10/2004 US President - Amer Selection Diane Beall Templin Won 53.85% (+7.69%)
01/10/2004 US President - Amer Selection Don Rogers Lost 0.00% (-53.85%)