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Last EditedRBH - December 31, 2015 10:56pm
DescriptionMassachusetts makes a distinction between unenrolled voters and independent voters. An "Unenrolled" voter is the same as what most people refer to as an "Independent." in other states however. It refers to the fact that the voter is not enrolled in a political party but they are still registered to vote. At a primary election, an "Unenrolled" voter must choose one of the recognized party ballots on which to vote.

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11/03/2015 MA State Senate - Second Plymouth & Bristol - Special Election Anna Grace Raduc Lost 2.57% (-54.34%)
11/04/2014 MA Lt. Governor Shelly Saunders Lost 0.90% (-47.50%)
11/04/2014 MA Lt. Governor Tracy Post Lost 0.75% (-47.64%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 2nd Middlesex Arleen M. Martino Lost 2.86% (-49.90%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 4th Middlesex Kristine E. Coffey-Donahue Lost 7.45% (-42.43%)
11/04/2014 MA Governor Jeff McCormick Lost 0.75% (-47.64%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 18th Middlesex Fred W. Bahou Lost 38.15% (-23.37%)
11/04/2014 MA Governor Scott D. Lively Lost 0.90% (-47.50%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 1st Essex Ari B. Herzog Lost 9.81% (-32.23%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 33rd Middlesex John P. Matheson Lost 33.29% (-33.07%)
11/04/2014 ME State Senate 14 Gary A. Quintal Lost 8.15% (-44.61%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 1st Essex Steven J. Stanganeli Lost 4.77% (-37.28%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 34th Middlesex Nicholas Lanzilli Lost 35.59% (-28.50%)
11/04/2014 ME State House 057 Gerard Tardif Lost 17.04% (-46.41%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 1st Essex Joseph L. Valianti Lost 1.39% (-40.65%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 10th Plymouth Tyler Jay Prescott Lost 2.60% (-48.10%)
11/04/2014 ME State House 098 Joseph E. Brooks Lost 41.35% (-17.30%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 6th Essex Euplio R. Marciano Lost 25.86% (-48.27%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 16th Essex William "Willie" Lantigua Lost 41.21% (-5.71%)
11/04/2014 MA House - 1st Suffolk Celeste Ribeiro B. Myers Lost 23.49% (-52.58%)