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  Obama's War on Women
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Last EditedRP  Apr 06, 2012 12:54pm
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News DateFriday, April 6, 2012 08:00:00 PM UTC0:0
DescriptionPresident Obama believes it is “long past the time” for women to be admitted to the traditionally all-male Augusta National Golf Club, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday.
The remarks were viewed by some as a conscious effort by the White House to propagate the meme of a “war on women” being waged by Republicans against the fairer sex.

The president himself, however, has a well-documented history of excluding women, especially on the golf course.

Obama played 23 rounds of golf between January and October of 2009 before inviting a single woman to his foursome, the New York Times reported. This was emblematic of broader concerns over the president’s preference for the company and advice of men:

The technical foul over the all-male game has become a nagging concern for a White House that has battled an impression dating to the presidential campaign that Mr. Obama’s closest advisers form a boys’ club and that he is too frequently in the company of only men — not just when playing sports, but also when making big decisions.
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D:1819PA-FL Dem ( 840.5526 points)
Sun, April 8, 2012 11:02:29 PM UTC0:00
Also, Bob, that laugh from me is in approval.

R:549kal ( -57.2262 points)
Sun, April 8, 2012 11:04:59 PM UTC0:00
Well, like I said, I can only go by what you guys tell me.

In all of the 13 parishes of northeast Louisiana that I travel during work, there are at least 7 country clubs. None of those have any exclusionary criteria except for the ability to pay monthly dues.

R:7206Hikikomori Blitzkrieg! ( 290.2565 points)
Sun, April 8, 2012 11:49:43 PM UTC0:00
I don't necesarily disagree, but how far do we extend that? Many top clubs won't let Jews, Catholics, Blacks, Mormons or an assortment of many other groups in. Do you think that's ok?

I don't think it should be illegal, and frankly, I don't see why Jews, for example, would want to join a club populated by apparent anti-Semites, but in any event, that's sort of a separate issue. There is a very real difference, one that stems from socio-biological realities, when you have an all-male (or all-female, I suppose) environment, and when you have a social environment where both sexes mingle. That observation can't be readily extended to the realm of racial/ethnically-mixed social gatherings. Its really comparing apples & oranges.

IND:1196Monsieur ( 5890.8623 points)
Mon, April 9, 2012 12:12:49 AM UTC0:00
I don't think Augusta should be forced to let women in, and I don't think it's oppressive not to let women in. But given Augusta's iconic status I think it speaks ill that they refuse to let women in even in this day and age, even if those women would mostly be evil bitches like Carly Fiorina and "Real Housewives" types, and ultimately doesn't help their image (which, for now, they clearly don't care about). That's all. Relax.

D:411Picimpalious ( 1229.6810 points)
Mon, April 9, 2012 12:13:32 AM UTC0:00
It's not the Augusta National Men's Club, I wouldn't have a problem with them excluding women if it was. It's the Augusta National Golf Club. It seems bizarre/childish/homoerotic that they wouldn't allow the world's greatest golfer to join if she was a woman.

IND:1196Monsieur ( 5890.8623 points)
Mon, April 9, 2012 12:14:21 AM UTC0:00
And yes, given that most of the women on the LPGA tour could kick the asses of most of the men who play at this club, I think it is a little silly.

SAP:262Gaear Grimsrud ( 6920.2134 points)
Mon, April 9, 2012 02:06:02 AM UTC0:00
As long as I wouldn't have to golf with kal, I don't care what a golf club does.

R:549kal ( -57.2262 points)
Mon, April 9, 2012 01:45:41 PM UTC0:00
Gaear Grimsrud: As long as I wouldn't have to golf with kal, I don't care what a golf club does.

When I was playing a long time ago, my handicap was around a 12. Now I suck.

In about 1990, there was one country club that excluded blacks in Columbia La. A controversy began when the golf team from my high school alma matter, St. Fredericks, practiced there with a black player on the team. They were asked to leave. The student was a buddy of mine.

The story got national attention in Sports Illustrated and the club changed it's exclusionary practice.

R:549kal ( -57.2262 points)
Mon, April 9, 2012 01:55:10 PM UTC0:00
I surprised, but there is something on the web about the incident I referenced. Being as over 20 years old, I didn't think anything would be out there.


It didn't give the golf coaches name, but he's my cousin.