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  Larry Echo Hawk appointed to LDS Church leadership
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Last EditedRBH  Mar 31, 2012 05:52pm
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News DateSunday, April 1, 2012 01:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionA top official for the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs is resigning to accept a leadership position with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Assistant Secretary Larry Echo Hawk is being appointed to the Quorum of the Seventy, which is the Mormon Church's third-highest governing body. It is a full-time position.

The 63-year-old Echo Hawk is a member of the Pawnee Nation. He has worked for Indian Affairs since 2009.
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R:4BILLYW ( 0.9924 points)
Tue, April 3, 2012 04:00:42 PM UTC0:00
More like a porn name or maybe a soap opera character's porn name

DFL:8625JC42 ( 115.1898 points)
Wed, April 4, 2012 01:41:35 AM UTC0:00
Probably translated directly from the Reformed Egyptian.

Veg:334Nothing wrong, just gone ( 591.1573 points)
Wed, April 4, 2012 02:41:39 AM UTC0:00
I need to read up on my reformed egyptian if it is full of soap opera porn characters.

Hopefully this guy won't end up like the first Native American in the Quorum of the seventy [Link]

Then again, burning in Hell for this cult leader won't be a whole lot of fun either.

D:2109Andy ( 4160.6357 points)
Wed, April 4, 2012 05:11:57 AM UTC0:00
There should be a Mormon Haters Only user group for myself, Thomas, and Karma.