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  Obscuring [Newark, NJ] yearbook photo of a male kissing boyfriend is illegal, gay advocate says
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Contributor*crickets chirp* 
Last Edited*crickets chirp*  Jun 25, 2007 11:10am
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News DateSunday, June 24, 2007 07:00:00 PM UTC0:0
A gay-rights group is demanding an apology from Newark School Superintendent Marion Bolden for ordering her staff to black out a picture of a gay couple kissing be fore distributing copies of the yearbook to students at East Side High School.

Calling the directive homophobic and unlawful, Steven Goldstein, chairman of Garden State Equality, said yesterday the school also should redistribute a new batch of uncensored yearbooks at the district's expense.
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D:5925KamDem ( 0.0000 points)
Thu, June 28, 2007 02:32:08 AM UTC0:00
Brandon: The ones I've seen that I object to are much more salacious then that picture.

That is reasonable.

My apology if I have come across as attacking anyone personally or too strong, I am merely trying to share my opinion. I do not know much about the make up of the membership here as such I can't make any assumptions about gender, race or sexuality when I post comments. Many of us likely have similar views, but express them with the support of different life experiences.

My opinion on the story above, regardless of other comments made in the thread, is formed on a few basic foundations in my political idealogy.

1) I think the social standards in America are decidely more conservative in relation to places like Canada, Britain, and Western Europe. A kiss between two men or two women is more shocking in most of America then it would be by the consensus in any of the other regions listed above.
2) I believe the acceptance of same sex couples and families in this country is dependent on the gay lifestyle being accepted by the larger population. When a homosexual family unit isn not seen as shocking or unusual, I believe acceptance won't be far off.

In the case above, the school did do a turn around. Did do the right thing, but the administrator's initial reaction was shock and to block the content.

Maybe my ultimate point is that when two men kissing is viewed with the same nostalgia as heterosexual first love or high school love - it will be a good sign that American social standards have progressed. I'd like Democratic Party to stand up for that and lead this country in changing minds on this issue.

I:162dervish ( -52.4150 points)
Thu, June 28, 2007 11:53:24 AM UTC0:00
Bob, that is hilarious

I:162dervish ( -52.4150 points)
Thu, June 28, 2007 11:58:11 AM UTC0:00
ok... pet peeve: what the hell is a "gay lifestyle"?

the picture above is more of a "buss". there's no tongue action going on. none of that matters, however. the key question is whether there were any pictures of hetero's kissing. if the school has a no-kissing-picture policy for everyone, then there's nothing more to say. if they select based on orientation, they're violating the law.

D:2109Andy ( 4160.6357 points)
Thu, June 28, 2007 01:13:50 PM UTC0:00
dervish: ok... pet peeve: what the hell is a "gay lifestyle"?

Lots of interior designing!

D:1774Hail to the Rookies ( 89.0060 points)
Fri, June 29, 2007 03:31:10 AM UTC0:00
"European and British school officials have more important things to do than police yearbooks for kissing couples"

Like calling the cops to drag a girl out in handcuffs for the "racist" act of pointing out that it would be kinda hard to do a class project if the other kids in her group didn't speak a word of English?

"Any time there is a gay pride parade or such, there are TV shots of people dressed in leather and other S&M paraphenalia. It paints a picture that all homosexuals are depraved individuals and reinforces the stereotype."


D:479Brandon ( 1558.3782 points)
Fri, June 29, 2007 03:33:26 AM UTC0:00
That's fine, but it isn't like straight people don't ever engage in "depraved" displays of sexuality. Come to Mardi Gras some time :-)

D:1774Hail to the Rookies ( 89.0060 points)
Fri, June 29, 2007 04:05:31 AM UTC0:00
Oh I agree, just that I read Kal's post and that Onion piece was the first thing that came to mind.