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  Georgia Lt. Governor to Seek Governor's Seat
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ContributorGerald Farinas 
Last EditedGerald Farinas  Apr 19, 2004 03:39pm
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News DateMonday, April 19, 2004 08:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionGeorgia Lt. Governor to Seek Governor's Seat
WXIA Atlanta, Georgia

Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor filed paperwork Monday allowing him to begin raising money to run for governor. Taylor, a Democrat, has been widely considered an all-but-official candidate for the seat held by Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue since 2003. "The reality of it is you've got an incumbent governor who may or may not run," said Doug Heyl, a spokesman for the campaign, dubbed Taylor for One Georgia. "He's raising money at a pretty rapid rate and if you only want to get outspent two or three-to-one, rather than eight-to-one, you have to start raising money now." Perdue had $2.8 million in his campaign account, according to reports filed in December. Democratic Secretary of State Cathy Cox also is considered a possible candidate for governor, although party insiders have urged her to instead seek the lieutenant governor's office and avoid a bruising primary race with Taylor. Taylor's paperwork lists former Gov. George Busbee as his campaign committee chairman.
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D:801SD Demo ( 0.0000 points)
Tue, April 20, 2004 05:11:46 AM UTC0:00
Barnes spent 19.5 million....that is a missprint isn't it...sounds awfully high?

D:318New York Democrat ( 247.7782 points)
Tue, April 20, 2004 04:15:11 PM UTC0:00
Who would be the strongest candidate against Perdue?

PRB:238Mr. Techno ( -125.1277 points)
Tue, April 20, 2004 04:17:06 PM UTC0:00
Sam Nunn

I:31Default User ( 1568.2518 points)
Tue, April 20, 2004 07:55:53 PM UTC0:00
Cathy Cox IMO. And yes Barnes spent like 19 million proving money isn't everything

D:5Steve ( 56.3071 points)
Tue, April 20, 2004 09:12:19 PM UTC0:00
I think a Taylor/Cox ticket would be quite good, don't know if they could actually win, but the best realistic option.

D:5Steve ( 56.3071 points)
Tue, April 20, 2004 09:12:53 PM UTC0:00
"Sam Nunn"

I think Sebelius fears Bob Dole the most, but it ain't going to happen.

I:31Default User ( 1568.2518 points)
Wed, April 21, 2004 01:08:19 AM UTC0:00
They don't run as a ticket in Georgia they are elected separately

Reg:16None Entered ( 1178.9144 points)
Wed, April 21, 2004 09:26:28 AM UTC0:00

D:5Steve ( 56.3071 points)
Thu, April 22, 2004 04:26:00 PM UTC0:00
"They don't run as a ticket in Georgia they are elected separately"

That's true, but even in states where the candidates don't run together, it is the norm for them to for a team.

D:45Blue Wizzrobe ( 1112.9661 points)
Fri, April 23, 2004 07:24:55 AM UTC0:00
Not 1970!

I:490User 490 ( 1224.6385 points)
Fri, April 23, 2004 08:01:44 AM UTC0:00
I think it does make sense for Cox to run for LG. A nomination, especially a divisive one, to run against Perdue is no guarantee of victor. Purdue is already raising money like crazy and seems reasonably popular.
But if Cox runs for LG she shoudl be able to win that rather easily and then would be in good shape to run for guv should Perdue win a second term.