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  Foreign Relations
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Concerns - Africa 
Concerns - Asia & Pacific Rim 
Concerns - Europe 
Concerns - Latin America & Caribbean 
Concerns: Middle East 
Conflict: Darfur 
Conflict: Israel/Palestine 
Iraq War, Occupation, and Return of Sovereignty 
Iraqi Reconstruction 
Missile Defense 
National & International Security 
Russian Army 
U.S.-Pakistan Relations 
US - North Korea Relations 
US Military Issues 
US-Afghanistan Relations 
US-Canada Relations 
US-Cuba Relations 
US-Iran Relations 
US-Russia Relations 
Weapons: Biological & Chemical 
Weapons: Nuclear 
Last ModifiedRP August 23, 2004 08:06pm
DescriptionForeign Relations

Discuss direct American government relations with other countries and their respective leaders, share news and thoughts about general foreign affairs issues.


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Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw Up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws Up the Democrats  Purchase RP 

Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Mar 13, 2014 11:00am News John Kerry: Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine  Article kal 
Mar 05, 2014 07:00am Analysis So Russia is going to abandon the dollar as a reserve currency? Good luck with that one  Article Scott³ 
Mar 04, 2014 05:00pm News With Ukraine under siege, Georgia and Moldova double down on Europe  Article Forwardista 
Mar 02, 2014 01:30pm Opinion Even the Hapless Jimmy Carter Wasn't This Bad  Article Scott³ 
Jan 13, 2014 10:30am News Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really  Article RBH 
Jan 01, 2014 07:00pm General Obama 'La Quenelle' Photo Ignites Furor, Though It's Really Nothing  Article Jason 

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Previous Messages]
DFL:8625JC42 ( 115.1898 points)
Sat, March 31, 2012 04:05:37 AM UTC0:00
And so the tentacles of Red Canada slowly slink across our great land. Also, beware the Yellow Peril.

D:1658Homegrown Democrat ( 758.3651 points)
Wed, November 6, 2013 02:12:56 PM UTC0:00

R:549kal ( -57.2262 points)
Wed, November 6, 2013 07:11:27 PM UTC0:00

D:1RP ( 3311.3784 points)
Thu, November 7, 2013 01:31:02 AM UTC0:00
Are the only things that define a developing country child mortality and children per woman?

D:6086Jason ( 7718.4429 points)
Thu, November 7, 2013 01:35:30 AM UTC0:00
Shut up, troll.

D:1658Homegrown Democrat ( 758.3651 points)
Sun, January 12, 2014 07:10:33 PM UTC0:00

D:479Brandon ( 1558.3782 points)
Fri, February 21, 2014 04:38:00 PM UTC0:00
Gallup Poll. Feb. 6-9, 2014. N=1,023 adults nationwide. Margin of error ± 4.

"What one country anywhere in the world do you consider to be the United States' greatest enemy today?"

China 20%
North Korea 16%
Iran 16%
Russia 9%
Iraq 7%
Afghanistan 5%
Syria 3%
Other 13%
None 2%
Unsure 9%


R:7206Hikikomori Blitzkrieg! ( 290.2565 points)
Sat, February 22, 2014 02:50:59 AM UTC0:00
China is the correct answer.

D:411Picimpalious ( 1229.6810 points)
Sat, February 22, 2014 03:05:05 AM UTC0:00
Our greatest enemy is Islamic fundamentalism

and even they aren't really that "great"

This question belongs to another time period.

D:1414Forwardista ( 171.5051 points)
Sat, February 22, 2014 07:25:06 AM UTC0:00
Our greatest enemy is multinational corporations and other private entities looking to turn America into a third-world country.

D:411Picimpalious ( 1229.6810 points)
Sat, February 22, 2014 07:33:37 AM UTC0:00
They don't want to kill us though. They just don't care if we die.

D:1414Forwardista ( 171.5051 points)
Sat, February 22, 2014 08:37:16 AM UTC0:00
Picimpalious: They don't want to kill us though. They just don't care if we die.

Well right, but there are limits to how much damage they can do. At some point intent doesn't matter as much as end results.

Or if we look at the Soviet Union, they fell apart because of economic reasons, not because they were militarily defeated.