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  Mayor  Joe Anderson 1 12 +50.94%
 Council Leader 
 Lord Mayor 
 Allerton & Hunts Cross I  
 Allerton & Hunts Cross II  
  Allerton & Hunts Cross III   Daniel P. Hughes 1 12 +43.93%
 Anfield I  
 Anfield II  
  Anfield III   Brian Dowling 2 12 +75.57%
 Belle Vale I  
 Belle Vale II  
  Belle Vale III   Claire Wilner 2 12 +72.58%
 Central I  
 Central II  
  Central III   Christine Banks 2 12 +59.48%
 Childwall I  
 Childwall II  
  Childwall III   Ruth Hirschfield 1 12 +18.48%
 Church I  
 Church II  
  Church III   Erica Kemp 2 12 +12.65%
 Clubmoor I  
 Clubmoor II  
  Clubmoor III   Jim Noakes 2 12 +71.42%
 County I  
 County II  
  County III   Eryl Owen 1 12 +76.90%
 Cressington I  
 Cressington II  
  Cressington III   Mary Aspinall 1 12 +2.57%
 Croxteth I  
 Croxteth II  
  Croxteth III   Martin Cummins 1 12 +50.83%
 Everton I  
 Everton II  
  Everton III   Frank Prendergast 2 12 +80.61%
 Fazakerley I  
 Fazakerley II  
  Fazakerley III   Louise Ashton-Armstrong 1 12 +70.71%
 Greenbank I  
 Greenbank II  
  Greenbank III   James A. Roberts 1 12 +40.76%
 Kensington & Fairfield I  
 Kensington & Fairfield II  
  Kensington & Fairfield III   Liam J. Robinson 2 12 +72.11%
 Kirkdale I  
 Kirkdale II  
  Kirkdale III   Joe Hanson 2 12 +82.41%
 Knotty Ash I  
 Knotty Ash II  
  Knotty Ash III   Nick Crofts 1 12 +58.30%
 Mossley Hill I  
 Mossley Hill II  
  Mossley Hill III   Emily Spurrell 1 12 +30.11%
 Norris Green I  
 Norris Green II  
  Norris Green III   Barry Kushner 1 12 +81.44%
 Old Swan I  
 Old Swan II  
  Old Swan III   Gary Millar 2 12 +64.49%
 Picton I  
 Picton II  
  Picton III   Alicia Nicholas 1 12 +67.19%
 Princes Park I  
 Princes Park II  
  Princes Park III   Timothy Moore 2 12 +54.99%
 Riverside I  
 Riverside II  
  Riverside III   Steve Munby 2 12 +75.60%
 Speke-Garston I  
 Speke-Garston II  
  Speke-Garston III   Colin Strickland 2 12 +78.10%
 St Michaels I  
 St Michaels II  
  St Michaels III   Sarah Jennings 2 12 +20.11%
 Tuebrook & Stoneycroft I  
 Tuebrook & Stoneycroft II  
  Tuebrook & Stoneycroft III   Steve Radford 2 12 +49.21%
 Warbreck I  
 Warbreck II  
  Warbreck III   Richard McLinden 2 12 +68.68%
 Wavertree I  
 Wavertree II  
  Wavertree III   Helen Casstles 1 12 +19.48%
 West Derby I  
 West Derby II  
  West Derby III   Lana Orr 1 12 +43.94%
 Woolton I  
 Woolton II  
  Woolton III   Mark S. Norris 1 12 +2.64%
 Yew Tree I  
 Yew Tree II  
  Yew Tree III  John Prince 2 12 +68.46%

Metropolitan Borough DETAILS
Parents > United Kingdom > England > North West > Merseyside  
Established 00, 0000
Disbanded Still Active
Last ModifiedRalphie May 05, 2008 02:49pm


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