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  PartyInstitutional Revolutionary
Name Institutional Revolutionary Party
Votes824,595 (33.57%)
Margin131,109 (+5.34%)
Term09/01/2012 - 09/01/2015
Chamber of Deputies
  District 01 (Huauchinango)  Laura Guadalupe Vargas Vargas
elect  Carlos Barragán Amador
1 12 +8.37%
  District 02 (Zacatlán)  José Luis Márquez Martínez
elect  José Lorenzo Rivera Sosa
1 12 +22.00%
  District 03 (Teziutlán)  Víctor Emanuel Díaz Palacios
elect  Juan Pablo Piña Kurczyn
1 12 +1.79%
  District 04 (Zacapoaxtla)  Josefina García Hernández
elect  Hugo Alejo Domínguez
1 12 +15.89%
  District 05 (San Martín Texmelucan)  Carlos Sánchez Romero
elect  Rubén Alejandro Garrido Muñoz
1 12 +12.76%
  District 06 (Puebla de Zaragoza I)  José Enrique Doger Guerrero
elect  Xitlalic Ceja García
1 12 +0.55%
  District 07 (Tepeaca)  Jesús Morales Flores
elect  Alejandro Armenta Mier
1 12 +2.16%
  District 08 (Chalchicomula de Sesma)  Ana Isabel Allende Cano
elect  Lilia Arminda García Escobar
1 12 +2.01%
  District 09 (Puebla de Zaragoza II)  Blanca Jiménez Castillo
elect  Genoveva Huerta Villegas
1 12 +2.58%
  District 10 (San Pedro Cholula)  Julio César Lorenzini Rangel
elect  Miguel Ángel Huepa Pérez
1 13 +100.00%
  District 11 (Puebla de Zaragoza III)  María Isabel Ortiz Mantilla
elect  Elvia Graciela Palomares Ramírez
1 12 +7.61%
  District 12 (Puebla de Zaragoza IV)  Néstor Octavio Gordillo Castillo
elect  Víctor Manuel Giorgana Jiménez
1 12 +1.23%
  District 13 (Atlixco)  María del Rocío García Olmedo
elect  Juan Manuel Celis Aguirre
1 12 +4.54%
  District 14 (Izúcar de Matamoros)  Javier Filiberto Guevara González
elect  Charbel Jorge Estefan Chidiac
1 12 +8.61%
  District 15 (Tehuacán)  María del Carmen García de la Cadena Romero
elect  Sergio Emilio Gómez Olivier
1 12 +8.23%
  District 16 (Ajalpan)  Lisandro Arístides Campos Córdova
elect  Edith Villa Trujillo
1 12 +16.60%

Parents > Mexico > Puebla  
Established 00, 0000
Disbanded Still Active
Last ModifiedRalphie May 31, 2006 07:35pm


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Polls Close Description Takes Office
Jun 07, 2015 10:00pm MEX Chamber of Deputies - Puebla  Sep 01, 2015 12:00pm





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