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  Issa, Darrell
<-  2011-01-03  
NameDarrell Issa
Address1800 Thibodo Road
Vista, California 92081, United States
Website [Link]
Born November 01, 1953 (63 years)
ContributorBarack O-blame-a
Last ModifedRBH
Oct 11, 2016 09:10pm
Tags Arab - Moderate-to-Conservative - Anti-Gay Marriage - Pro Alaska/Offshore Oil Drilling - Pro Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Pro Environment - Pro- gun - Pro-Bush Tax Cuts - Pro-Life - Pro-Tort Reform - Married - U.S. Army - Christian -
InfoDarrell Issa, 50, was first elected to Congress in 2000 to succeed retiring Representative Ron Packard. Representative Issa serves on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which has broad jurisdiction over national energy policy, healthcare, and business regulations.

Prior to his election to Congress, Issa was a technology industry leader and CEO. He founded Vista, California, based Directed Electronics, the industry-leading manufacturer of automobile security and convenience products. Issa has served as Chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association, the Board of Governors of the Electronics Industry Association, and as Director of the San Diego Economic Development Association and the Greater San Diego County Chamber of Commerce. In 1994, Issa received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Inc. Magazine, Ernst & Young, and The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Well known as a grassroots leader to Republicans throughout California, Darrell Issa is perhaps best known as the architect of the successful effort to recall former Gov. Gray Davis. He served as co-chair of the campaign to pass the California Civil Rights Initiative (Prop. 209) and was Chairman of the California Republican Party's statewide Victory '96 effort. He acted as Chairman of the Volunteer Committee for the 1996 Republican National Convention where he recruited and organized the activities of more than 10,000 volunteers. In 1998 he made a strong bid for United States Senate, narrowly losing a close race to then State Treasurer Matt Fong. After the election, Issa endorsed Fong and actively raised money for his campaign. He later became Chairman of the San Diego County Lincoln Club, an influential Republican organization.

The grandson of immigrants, and a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Darrell Issa was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He enlisted in the Army during his senior year in high school and attended college on an ROTC scholarship. In the Army, Issa served as a bomb disposal technician, tank platoon commander, and a computer R&D specialist. He attained the rank of Captain.

Darrell and Kathy Issa reside in Vista, CA -- their home of 19 years. They have one son, William.


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Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Jul 06, 2016 04:55pm Statement Darrell Issa challenges House GOP to “shutdown the government” over Clinton email investigation: “Are you willing to shutdown all business of the people for this?”  Article RP 
Jun 05, 2013 02:00pm Satire Issa Demands Hearings Into Why No One Listens to Him  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Dec 07, 2012 09:00am News Darrell Issa Burglarized: $100,000 In Jewelry Stolen From California Home  Article Craverguy 
Sep 20, 2012 02:00pm News Issa: White House pursuing an 'enemies list' in Washington  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Jul 19, 2012 07:20am Proposed Legislation Issa: Name US waters after Reagan  Article RP 
Apr 24, 2012 01:20pm Interview Darrell Issa: Obama's Government Most Corrupt In History   Article RP 
Jan 18, 2012 04:35am Investigation Cummings Accuses Issa Of Protecting Republicans Caught In Countrywide VIP Loan Program  Article RP 
Aug 19, 2011 11:00am Blog Entry The War Nerd Vs. Darrell Issa’s Goldman Sachs Staffer: A Brief History Of Hungarian Fascism Made Simple For Lying Scum  Article Hikikomori Blitzkrieg! 
Jul 25, 2011 01:30pm Statement Rep. Issa: U.S. Credit Rating “Should Be Downgraded”  Article Jason 
Apr 06, 2011 01:20pm Statement Darrell Issa: What government shutdown? My staff is essential  Article Jason 
Feb 16, 2011 08:45am General Darrell Issa's agenda: condoms, yoga, pot  Article RP 
Jan 02, 2011 03:00pm News Issa says he won't investigate White House job offer to Rep. Sestak  Article TX DEM 
Jul 07, 2010 04:45pm Amusing Top Republican [Issa] says Emanuel gave him the finger  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Jul 06, 2010 01:00am News G.O.P. Congressman (Issa) Emerges as Obama’s Annoyer-in-Chief  Article Scott³ 
Jun 04, 2010 01:00pm News Issa presses W.H. for travel answers  Article Brandonius Maximus 
May 27, 2010 09:00am Hyperbole Issa: Sestak scandal could be Obama's 'Watergate'  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Aug 16, 2006 03:00pm Profile In Congress, Lonely on Lebanon  Article RP 
Jul 31, 2003 12:00am Amusing Issa's military, business records scrutinized  Article ArmyDem 
Jul 02, 2003 12:00am News Recall chief [Issa] held twice on illegal gun charges  Article DFWDem 
Jun 25, 2003 12:00am News Issa Was Charged in San Jose Car Theft  Article DFWDem 

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  11/08/2016 CA District 49 Won 50.40% (+0.79%)
  06/07/2016 CA District 49 - Open Primary Won 50.82% (+5.30%)
  11/04/2014 CA - District 49 Won 60.17% (+20.34%)
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  11/02/2010 CA - District 49 Won 62.78% (+31.30%)
  06/08/2010 CA District 49 - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/14/2008 US House Republican Policy Committee Chair Lost 32.31% (-35.38%)
  11/04/2008 CA - District 49 Won 58.30% (+20.84%)
  06/03/2008 CA District 49- R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/07/2006 CA - District 49 Won 63.30% (+29.85%)
  06/06/2006 CA District 49 - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  02/02/2006 US House Republican Policy Committee Chair Lost 15.44% (-30.12%)
  11/02/2004 CA - District 49 Won 62.55% (+27.64%)
  11/05/2002 CA District 49 Won 77.22% (+55.27%)
  11/07/2000 CA District 48 Won 61.43% (+33.10%)
  03/07/2000 CA District 48 - All-Party Primary Won 35.27% (+0.00%)
  06/02/1998 CA US Senate - All Party Primary Lost 19.50% (-24.41%)
  10/07/2003 CA Governor Recall Lost 0.00% (-48.58%)
  10/28/2015 US House Speaker - R Conference Vote Lost 0.00% (-81.63%)
CA US Senate - Nov 08, 2016 D Loretta B. Sanchez
US House Speaker - R Conference Vote - Oct 28, 2015 R Paul Ryan
US House Republican Conference Chair - Nov 14, 2012 R Cathy McMorris Rodgers
CA - District 30 - Nov 06, 2012 D Howard L. Berman
CA US President - R Primary - Jun 05, 2012 R Mitt Romney
CA - District 30 - Open Primary - Jun 05, 2012 D Howard L. Berman
CA - District 08 - Open Primary - Jun 05, 2012 R Paul Cook
CA District 19 - R Primary - Jun 08, 2010 R Jeff Denham
CA Governor - R Primary - Jun 08, 2010 R Meg Whitman
CA Attorney General - R Primary - Jun 08, 2010 R Steve Cooley
San Diego City Attorney - Jun 03, 2008 R Brian Maienschein
CA - District 37 - Special Election Runoff - Aug 21, 2007 R John Kanaley
CA District 37 - Special Election - Jun 26, 2007 R John Kanaley
CA District 50 - Special Election - Apr 11, 2006 R Brian Bilbray
CA - District 48 Special - Oct 04, 2005 R John B. T. Campbell, III
CA Governor Recall - Question 1 - Oct 07, 2003 YES Yes
CA Governor Recall - Oct 07, 2003 R Arnold Schwarzenegger
CA Proposition 22 - California Defense of Marriage Act - Mar 07, 2000 YES Yes
C00350520 Issa for Congress $ 3049496.25