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  Johns, Frank T.
AffiliationSocialist Labor  
NameFrank T. Johns
, Oregon , United States
Born February 23, 1889
DiedMay 20, 1928 (39 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedDr. Cynic
Sep 02, 2009 08:55pm
Tags Socialist - Pro-Labor -
Info Frank Tetes Johns holds the estimable distinction of being the youngest candidate to run for the United States Presidency. He ran on the Socialist Labor Party ticket in 1924 and 1928. While giving a campaign speech in Bend, Oregon, he dove into the cold waters of the Deschutes River when he heard a small boy cry for help. Both he and the little boy drowned. A monument was erected in his honour at the central park of Bend, Oregon, and he was also posthumously given the Andrew Carnegie award for heroism. In 1933, his wife passed away leaving his 2 daughters Margaret and Mildred orphans. Their brother Phillip had already passed away in 1924 during a diptheria epidemic. The two girls also had diptheria, but survived.

From the internet website for the Andrew Carnegie Hero Fund Commission:
Portland, Oregon
Frank T. Johns, 39, carpenter, died attempting to save John C. Rhodes, Jr., 11, from drowning, Bend, Oregon, May 20, 1928.
John fell from a bridge into very cold deep water in the Deschutes River and drifted in the current at a point 100 feet from the bank. Johns, fully clothed, swam from the opposite bank 240 feet to John, gave him a shove toward the bank, struggled briefly, and sank. John drifted about 15 feet farther and sank. Both were drowned.


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May 21, 1928 05:00pm Obituary Frank T. Johns Drowns  Not Available Chronicler 

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  11/04/1924 RI US President Lost 0.13% (-59.50%)
  11/04/1924 MD US President Lost 0.28% (-45.01%)
  11/04/1924 PA US President Lost 0.03% (-65.31%)
  11/04/1924 WI US President Lost 0.05% (-53.90%)
  11/04/1924 MN US President Lost 0.23% (-50.95%)
  11/04/1924 CT US President Lost 0.34% (-61.18%)
  11/04/1924 NY US President Lost 0.30% (-55.46%)
  11/04/1924 IL US President Lost 0.09% (-58.74%)
  11/04/1924 OH US President Lost 0.15% (-58.18%)
  11/04/1924 KY US President Lost 0.19% (-48.56%)
  11/04/1924 OR US President Lost 0.33% (-50.69%)
  11/04/1924 CO US President Lost 0.11% (-56.91%)
  11/04/1924 MA US President Lost 0.15% (-62.12%)
  11/04/1924 WA US President Lost 0.24% (-52.00%)
  11/04/1924 VA US President Lost 0.09% (-62.40%)
  11/04/1924 MO US President Lost 0.07% (-49.51%)
  11/04/1924 ME US President Lost 0.21% (-71.82%)
  11/04/1924 NJ US President Lost 0.08% (-62.09%)
  11/04/1924 US President National Vote Lost 0.10% (-53.93%)
  05/13/1924 US President - SLP Convention Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/07/1922 OR - District 03 Lost 2.80% (-44.80%)
  11/02/1920 OR - District 03 Lost 4.46% (-47.45%)
  11/04/1924 AL US President Lost 0.00% (-68.75%)