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  Roberti, Dan
NameDan Roberti
Kent, Connecticut , United States
Born Unknown
Last ModifedIndyGeorgia
Aug 14, 2012 06:14pm
InfoDan Roberti is a Connecticut Democrat who grew up the son of a public school teacher and a state representative. Inspired by their example of public service, Dan decided early on to dedicate his life to helping people, and is now running for congress to take on the entrenched special interests that are denying too many Connecticut families the opportunity to succeed.

After putting himself through college, Dan joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps where he spent a year working in a homeless shelter in Spokane, Washington. Dan ran the day-to-day operations of the shelter's social services program and medical clinic, assisting families and veterans in need of support.

Dan then moved to New Orleans to get a graduate degree in religious studies, arriving ten days before Hurricane Katrina. Like many in Louisiana, the direction of Dan's life was changed by the hurricane, and he took a temporary detour and spent the next year working with activist James Carville on hurricane relief for New Orleans. During that time, Dan also worked with the non-profit group, Democracy Corps, a group dedicated to cutting through partisan politics in order to advance real solutions to the problems that face America's working families.

After finishing his master's degree, Dan was preparing to enter law school when his life took another unexpected turn - his mother was diagnosed with stage four melanoma. Giving up his dream of studying public interest law, Dan returned home to care for his mother and help her navigate the healthcare system. Through her ongoing - now four-year - battle with cancer, Dan has experienced, first-hand, the struggle that families across Connecticut face when dealing with insurance companies. That's why he was a strong supporter of President Obama's vision to change America's healthcare system and why he will fight to hold the insurance companies accountable by adding a public insurance option to the healthcare bill. That's why he was and continues to be a strong supporter of healthcare reform and the need to hold insurance accountable.

While caring for his mother, Dan also began working closely with filmmaker Ken Burns and Public Television to raise awareness of America's national parks and the challenges facing America's crumbling infrastructure, including the need to develop high speed and light rail to create jobs and make America more competitive in the future. Dan also continued his work with veterans and became a vocal advocate for increased benefits for our American heroes and their families, working to dispel the stigma around post traumatic stress disorder and other combat injuries.

Throughout all of these experiences, Dan has seen the realities of a country where you don't have to be homeless, a hurricane survivor, a cancer patient or an injured war veteran to feel left behind. Dan believes that there is nothing more important than restoring the American dream and making it possible again for regular families that work hard and play by the rules to succeed and thrive. To do that will require a new generation of leaders who aren't beholden to the special interests in Hartford or Washington.

Whether it's reining in the power of the insurance companies by creating a public option, ending taxpayer subsidies for big oil companies, protecting seniors from the dangerous Republican plan to end Medicare or fighting for economic policies that put the middle class and small businesses first, instead of the very rich and big corporations, Dan Roberti believes that the people of Connecticut's Fifth District deserve a representative in Congress who fights for them - not the special interests.



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  08/14/2012 CT District 05 - D Primary Lost 23.12% (-21.41%)
  05/12/2012 CT - District 05 - D Convention Lost 16.07% (-48.21%)