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  West, Allen B.
<-  2011-01-03  
NameAllen B. West
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida , United States
Website [Link]
Born February 07, 1961
Died Still Living (53 years)
Last ModifiedPaul
Dec 01, 2012 02:04pm
Tags Black - Very Conservative - Anti-Gay Marriage - Pro Alaska/Offshore Oil Drilling - Pro-Life - U.S. Army - Straight -
InfoLieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired) was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and is third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. His parents instilled in him a very basic principle, love of God and Country. In 2004, when it was time to retire from more than twenty years of service in the US Army, he brought his wife and two young daughters to Broward County, Florida, where he taught high school for one year. He then returned to Afghanistan as an advisor to the Afghan army, an assignment he finished in November 2007.

Allen West received his Bachelors degree from University of Tennessee and Masters degree from Kansas State University, both in political science. He also holds a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from the US Army Command and General Staff Officer College in political theory and military operations.

“Education is the great equalizer,” he says. “With a good education, any child in America can live his dream.”

Allen West knows that for our children to live their dreams, they need to be safe. He has served in several combat zones: in Operation Desert Storm, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was battalion commander for the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, and in Afghanistan, where he trained Afghan officers to take on the responsibility of securing their own country.

In his Army career, Col. West has been honored many times, including a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. He received his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm, was the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year in 1993, and was a Distinguished Honor Graduate III Corps Assault School. He proudly wears the Army Master parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Navy/Marine Corps parachutist insignia, Italian parachutist wings, and German proficiency badge (Bronze award).

Allen is an avid distance runner, a PADI Master certified SCUBA diver, motorcyclist, and attends Community Christian Church in Tamarac Florida.

Excellence is a West family tradition. His wife, Angela, holds an MBA and PhD. and works as a financial planner. His oldest daughter, Aubrey, attends Archbishop McCarthy HS and his youngest daughter, Austen, attends Cooper City Christian Academy.


DateFirmFavorableUnfavorableDon't Know
10/25/2012-10/26/2012 Public Policy Polling (D) 45.00% ( 0.0) 49.00% ( 0.0) 5.00% ( 0.0)

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Sep 26, 2013 03:35pm General Allen West Reportedly Loses His Job Over a Politically Incorrect Slur  Article Homegrown Democrat 
Aug 21, 2013 07:00pm News Allen West on ‘bored’ teen murderers: ‘Who will President Obama identify with in this case?’  Article Scott³ 
Aug 07, 2012 12:40pm General Allen West Sends Chick-Fil-A To Black Caucus Meeting And Offends Everyone, Says Dem Rep  Article Homegrown Democrat 
Jul 08, 2012 03:25pm Idiocy Tea Party Rep. Allen West: Social Security Is 'A Form of Modern, 21st Century Slavery'  Article Craverguy 
May 11, 2012 11:00am Idiocy Allen West on LGBT workplace discrimination: ‘That don’t happen’ in the U.S.  Article Craverguy 
Apr 11, 2012 06:00pm News Rep. Allen West: Half the Democrats in Congress are communists  Article The Sunset Provision 

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Previous Messages]
D:1RP ( 3311.3784 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 07:53:26 PM UTC0:00
He later said "he's heard" up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn't name names. - [Link]

I:1038MD Indy ( 884.9736 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 08:02:45 PM UTC0:00
Meh, they've already redefined socialism.

Veg:334Nothing wrong, just gone ( 591.1573 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 08:09:10 PM UTC0:00
That certainly won't do. How can I know whether or not to vote for Ed Pastor unless I know for sure he is a true card-carrying member Commie?

I:1038MD Indy ( 884.9736 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 08:28:22 PM UTC0:00
Even if he admitted to it, I wouldn't trust it. You know you can't trust anything Obama and those Dems say.

D:479Brandon ( 1558.3782 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 08:55:42 PM UTC0:00
The chances are good this imbecile will lose in November, yes?

D:704John ( 3346.7625 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 09:07:01 PM UTC0:00
Brandon: The chances are good this imbecile will lose in November, yes?

No, actually-he's running in the 18th, which CQ Politics has stated is "Leans Republican" and we don't have a great candidate. Unless he gets thrown out in the primary, which is a possibility.

I:6738IndyGeorgia ( 1064.3835 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 09:11:27 PM UTC0:00
The new 18th voted 51-48% for Obama, 49-47% for Rick Scott and 50-33-16% for Marco Rubio, so we'll see.

D:6506TEXAN FOR HILLARY ( 0.0000 points)
Wed, April 11, 2012 09:22:57 PM UTC0:00
So it mirrors somewhat the statewide vote.

D:1RP ( 3311.3784 points)
Tue, September 25, 2012 09:33:58 PM UTC0:00
My statement to the United Nations would have been, “The future does not belong to those who attack our Embassies and Consulates and kill our Ambassadors. The Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence” - Allen West - [Link]

D:479Brandon ( 1558.3782 points)
Tue, September 25, 2012 09:38:37 PM UTC0:00
As usual, he is doing some serious compensating.

MFL:8957Juan Croniqueur ( 0.0000 points)
Tue, September 25, 2012 10:05:50 PM UTC0:00
West won't ever have to worry about addressing the UN.

D:6086Jason ( 7718.4429 points)
Tue, September 25, 2012 11:37:31 PM UTC0:00
I don't know, that was actually pretty good.

D:479Brandon ( 1558.3782 points)
Tue, September 25, 2012 11:44:20 PM UTC0:00
Seriously? It was straight out of some horrible action movie where Vin Diesel is president.

Even GWB would have laughed at how over the top the dick-wagging in his statement was.

D:6086Jason ( 7718.4429 points)
Tue, September 25, 2012 11:51:28 PM UTC0:00
Subtlety has its role in movies to maintain a suspension of disbelief. West's lunacy provides a reprieve and as a result, freedom from conventional speech boundaries. An address with language like that probably would concern people, which is presumably the point.

D:478Bob ( 2253.6577 points)
Wed, September 26, 2012 07:18:47 AM UTC0:00
I like the sentiment, but the rhetoric is stupid. I'd much prefer a direct and real warning. Something along the lines of "If you climb over the fence of our embassy and try to attack us, our Marines will shoot you."

D:1RP ( 3311.3784 points)
Wed, September 26, 2012 04:46:58 PM UTC0:00
But then what will the bald eagle be doing?

SAP:262Gaear Grimsrud ( 6920.2134 points)
Wed, September 26, 2012 07:28:16 PM UTC0:00
Soaring, you commie.

D:1658Homegrown Democrat ( 758.3651 points)
Sun, December 2, 2012 09:21:11 PM UTC0:00
From an interview on NPR:

And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.


SAP:262Gaear Grimsrud ( 6920.2134 points)
Sun, December 2, 2012 09:23:11 PM UTC0:00
I'll bet that Allen West has a micropenis.

LPC:6149Dr. King Schultz ( 374.3755 points)
Sun, December 2, 2012 11:14:15 PM UTC0:00
At least Lincoln was not Bat **** Insane.

R:8766Republitarian ( 57.4549 points)
Mon, December 3, 2012 12:15:42 AM UTC0:00
And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.

Lincoln fulfilled a one-term pledge and therefore did not run for a second term, effectively nullifying West's point since West himself planned to serve multiple terms to begin with.

D:1RP ( 3311.3784 points)
Mon, December 3, 2012 02:50:08 AM UTC0:00
Dr. King Schultz: At least Lincoln was not Bat **** Insane.

No, he properly had his wife fulfill that role.

LPC:6149Dr. King Schultz ( 374.3755 points)
Wed, December 12, 2012 06:42:41 PM UTC0:00
West still continues to suffer from Major Butthurt.


RC:6380Zeus the Moose ( 645.5382 points)
Wed, December 12, 2012 09:17:30 PM UTC0:00
I mean I suppose that makes sense if Butthurt was passed over for a promotion in favour of West, but that was years ago. You think Butthurt would have learned to let it go.

D:479Brandon ( 1558.3782 points)
Wed, December 12, 2012 10:10:50 PM UTC0:00
"You are a national treasure."