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  Conlin, Roxanne
<-  2005-01-01  
NameRoxanne Conlin
Address319 Seventh Street Suite 600
Des Moines, Iowa 50309, United States
Website [Link]
Born June 30, 1944 (72 years)
Last ModifedRBH
Dec 10, 2015 01:18pm
Tags Caucasian - Liberal - Anti School Vouchers - Anti-Death Penalty - Anti-Social Security Privatization - Health Care Reform - Jobs/Industrial Growth - Pro Alaska/Offshore Oil Drilling - Pro Environment - Pro-Choice - Pro-Gay Marriage - Pro-Gun control - Pro-Labor - Married - Straight -
InfoRoxanne Barton Conlin

Battling organized crime, corruption and giant corporations, Roxanne Conlin has spent her life standing up to special interests for Iowa families who have been hurt by powerful forces. At an early age, Roxanne experienced personally the hardships many families face. She learned to never give up, no matter what the odds.

Growing up in Iowa, Roxanne's family lived paycheck to paycheck, moving from town to town in search of steady work. Her father was an alcoholic, who struggled to hold down a job, while her mother tried to put food on the table for their children. The oldest of six children, Roxanne went to work as a waitress at the age of 14 to help the family make ends meet.

At the age of 16, Roxanne entered Drake University - taking on extra classes while holding down several jobs at the same time. Roxanne worked her way through college, graduating at 19 and Drake Law School graduating at just 21 years old. She chose to dedicate her legal career to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

As an Assistant Attorney General for Iowa, Roxanne fought public corruption and wrote the first law of its kind protecting rape victims. Then, as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, she worked hand in hand with law enforcement - leading major drug busts and cracking down on violent crime.

For more than 25 years, Roxanne has owned and managed a small law firm in Iowa. Her firm is dedicated to representing everyday people who do not have a voice. She has never worked for a single corporate interest. Instead, Roxanne has chosen to fight for family farmers squeezed by big banks, police officers wronged by the system, and workers hurt by large companies. A successful small business, Roxanne Conlin & Associates was recently cited by a national magazine as one of the best firms to work for because of its family-friendly practices, welcoming the children of staff into the workplace.

With each new milestone - serving as United States Attorney in Iowa, earning the Democratic nomination for Governor of Iowa, being elected as the first woman President of the American Association of Justice, and selected as one of the first women in the Inner Circle of Advocates - Roxanne leaves behind a trail of shattered glass. Through it all, she still sees the world through the eyes of the courageous, everyday Iowan who refuses to give up in the face of overwhelming odds.

Roxanne lives in Des Moines with her husband of 45 years, James. They are most proud of their four adult children and five grandchildren.



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May 17, 2010 06:00pm Profile Roxanne Conlin—Is She The Democrat Most Likely To Paint A Red Seat Blue In 2010?  Article COSDem 
Apr 15, 2010 11:00am Announcement Conlin Campaign Raises More than all of Grassley’s Past Challengers  Article COSDem 

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Wed Aug 24 20:57:35 +0000 2016 - Perhaps followed by the Red Cross. https://t.co/wYYI2PfWL6

Wed Aug 24 20:55:59 +0000 2016 - RT @TheDemocrats: RT if you agree that Donald Trump's bigoted views must not make it to the White House. https://t.co/wvvMHCShB5

Sat Aug 20 16:40:06 +0000 2016 - RT @msbellows: #Disqualifying https://t.co/6Xo4XD5N7B

Sat Aug 20 16:36:27 +0000 2016 - He has said and done so many cruel things but this is the worst. https://t.co/6TxNHecP6c

Sat Aug 20 05:46:31 +0000 2016 - Trump doesnt even understand he is a sexist. He says HIllary is not up to the job physically and mentally. Sounds familiar to many of us.

Sat Aug 20 05:40:12 +0000 2016 - We noticed. Justice delayed is justice denied. Some courts are completely overwhelmed and cannot do justice at all. https://t.co/PNzzQ6cSpg

Sat Aug 20 05:34:27 +0000 2016 - Amazing. But it does explain a lot. https://t.co/QUrdqZDtS7

Sat Aug 20 00:22:49 +0000 2016 - Who in the world are the one per cent?? https://t.co/oZHXpCLlEr

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